13 Magic Selling Words To Increase Conversions

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selling_wordsToday’s post is going to be a powerful one as I am going to run through some magic “selling words” that will help you increase your conversions to more email open rates and more CTR (Click through rates) with your links and more sales.

I don’t know how deep down the rabbit hole you are with the internet and making money online niche but there is a lot to deal with when it comes to being the best you can be. Learning to be a great copy writer is just one of the new skills we have to learn as a seller online. Or you could always out source.

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Magic Selling Words Video

Selling words are very powerful and with the selling words I am going to share with you today can help you increase your conversions by 300% literally guaranteed.

We all know words are powerful and we use certain words when persuading someone to do something. For instance to get better open rates on emails you may want to use something to tweak the persons curiosity in your headline such as

“Formula Inside That Guarantees More…)

Now I just made this title up but if you were on some ones email list and you received an email with this title would this make you curious to open that email. I mean a formula inside that guarantees more what?

More traffic?

More sales?

More conversions?

More what?

Getting people to open your emails is winning half the battle. Imagine how many other people lists they are on. You have to stand out and you do this by knowing some secret selling words to virtually force the person to open your email because they are exploding with curiosity.

There are so many advanced techniques to get people to buy from you that I can’t go through them all in one post but learning this stuff is a must. I myself am forever in a learning state. We are hit every day in our everyday lives with advertisements and selling words.

Take a look at the front page of top selling magazines, they are full of eye catching head lines that draw you into the magazine. Advertising is big business and you in your online business should be no different than these big players in the world.

Here is the list of top 13 selling words that you can use in your business to increase conversions

Top 13 Selling Words List

  1. Free
  2. You/Your
  3. Announcing
  4. Introducing
  5. New
  6. Secret (s)
  7. How To
  8. Guarantee (d)
  9. Magic (al)
  10. Easy
  11. Quickly
  12. Easily
  13. Naturally

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As you build your list and communicate with your list you will begin to learn more about what you list likes. You will start to notice what they respond to in your headlines and what they click on inside your emails as your email autoresponder should give you reports of what you send out.

There are also certain days and certain times of the day when it is best to send emails out to get the best open rates. Testing these out on your own list would be a great start. The first thing I do when I wake in the morning is check my emails and unconsciously open the ones with intriguing headline titles from already known marketers I have subscribed to.

Testing and tweaking the best selling words for you is something you will have to master, I just wanted to lay out a few in this post.

If you would like to get more marketing tips and tricks and see how I build my business online then please get updated here

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michael says:

Thank you Paul for your incite on getting e-mails opened. for we all know e-mails are no good to anyone if they never get opened, this post will help us all greatly, Awesome !

Paul Evans says:

Hey Michael, yes getting your emails opened is winning half the battle. People tend to sign up to too many lists and you can get lost in the crowd. If you continue to add value to your list and build a relationship your list will more than likely open your emails more. This is how we weed out the tyre kicking free loaders 🙂

Azza says:

Thank you Paul for the great content and generosity.. I am sure going to use these words next time..

Great tutorial as well. Smart to include the pdf slides.. Do you have a tutorial on how to do that?

Paul Evans says:

Hey Azza,

I am using microsoft powerpoint presentation in this video. Very easy to do.

If you need any help hit me up on Facebook @ http://facebook.com/paulevans.biz

Estelle says:

Very helpful info for new copywriters.
And if the body of our email is congruent with our subject line, meaning we tease them enough to get the reader to do what we want them to do, then we most likely got’em 😉
Great post!

Paul Evans says:

Hey Estelle,

Yes your body has to be congruent with the headline. These are just examples of where you can use these magic selling words. They can be used in sales pages, emails, blog posts, banner ads, solo ads anywhere you find targeted traffic to your offers.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out.


Dawn says:

While I agree that those words will help in your copy, they need to be applied creatively. Because everyone is met with moments that the white space cannot easily be filled with words, I joined a FB group called “Cult of Copy.”

It is a group where questions, ideas and suggestions are bounced around for copywriting. Well worth a look.

Paul Evans says:

I totally agree Dawn. Copy writing is a whole new skill set on its own and when used correctly and creatively.

Thanks for the heads up on the Facebook group. I am always open to bettering my skills where needed.


Azza says:

Thanks Dawn. I will join the Facebook group for my FYI