50% Traffic Increase By Blogging In 30 Days

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Blog_VisitorsHey Warriors, Getting your content ranked on the first page of Google is powerful but Google don’t pay you, your customers do so creating compelling, value packed content is the most important goal to achieve when adding content to your blog.

When I first started blogging back in 2011 all I concentrated on was getting my posts onto page one of Google which I must say was quite easy back then. Write a blog post, fire loads of backlinks to it and it would rank easily but not in today’s day and age since Google changes their algorithm constantly.

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Now there is a social media frenzy going on where there is a better way to build your traffic and blogging empire and this is by taking your content to the social media platforms. I show you how powerful social media is in the video on this post.

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic By 50% Video


By syndicating your blog posts correctly to easily increase your traffic by 50% every week or every month for that matter is not a science but there are certain things you have to ascertain. The first most important thing to do before creating a blog post is understanding the topic you are going to blog about. Choose a topic or keyword and create your post about that.

Secondly you need to give your post a compelling title. This title has to stand out to your potential visitors for them to click onto your post to actually read it in the first place. Once you have captured their attention you then need to keep them on your blog for as long as possible. A great way of doing this is by embedding a value packed video into your post.


If you continually add great content then your visitors will always come back for more and even bookmark your blog. Generating returning visitors will allow you to grow a following which in return can turn into customers.

If you are looking into blogging or you are already blogging but not generating enough visitors or interaction this is because you are not using your blog to its fullest potential. I have built my business through blogging and I know 7 figure earners that built their business through blogging and still blog to this day.

The reason for this is building relationships with your followers. By using your blog in the correct way you will get people to know, like and trust you. My suggestion to you is blog daily and as you start to blog daily you will start to become a great communicator.

As you STUDY you will be working on your personal development through reading other peoples content and learning from more experienced marketers/bloggers. Whilst you are working on your personal development and growing your knowledge base you will be DOING what you have learned. Whilst applying what you have learned you will be TEACHING others your new found knowledge.

This is what is called Study, Do and Teach.

You don’t have to be perfect as long as you are taking consistent daily action and working on all three concepts simultaneously. The power of your vision will be in the action you take as blogging can create dreams and outcomes.

These three things will change you from the inside which in turn will change you on the outside but you have to follow through with your commitment. You will need to keep motivated and you can do this by openly putting your goals out in full view.

Write down your goals what you want to achieve over the next 90 days. (Remember you will not get rich over night blogging). Don’t write them down and tuck them away in a draw, have your goals out in front of you on a white board or maybe even on your desktop as a cover picture.

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Blogging is easy and when done consistently will change the way you think and your lifestyle. By writing a value post every day and emailing it to your list will transform your life.

Blogging creates personal breakthroughs as well as dreams and outcomes.


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Bev says:

You are absolutely right, Paul.
I have been studying, but not completing, the process for years now.
I have a number of sites active but not optimized and having recently learned about ‘leverage’ I am in the process of making use of this earlier work.
How silly to have done that and not used all the opportunities available – sadly I didn’t know how to do that until now.
Thanks for your great post – I have quite a ways to go to the ‘teach’ bit but you just never know what the future brings when we focus and get the action bit going. Thanks.

Paul Evans says:

Hey Bev,

Unfortunately people tend to get stuck in the learning process for far too long. Today is the day you start taking action and start to Learn – Apply – Teach simultaneously.

You are already ahead of 97% of people out there in this niche, you already have sites up and running so you know more than you realize. If you teach people what you already know then it will be more than they know for sure.

Start taking action today, if you need any advice please connect with me on Facebook @ http://facebook.com/paulevans.biz

I would love to hear from you 🙂

Thanks for sharing. It makes perfect sense that if you learn something of value that others would be interested in learning it also, since you now have that knowledge why not pass it on. Give and you shall receive more. Great post.
Frank G

Paul Evans says:

That’s correct Frank,

As long as you know more than the person reading, listening or watching your content then you will be a leader to them. People are looking for someone to help and guide them and if they find your content compelling then you are ahead of the game.

Learn – Apply -Teach simultaneously and you will see success quicker.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope to hear from you again in the future 🙂

Phil Berkun says:

Study. Do. Teach.
Brilliant, Paul.
Putting that into practice today!

Paul Evans says:

Thats fantastic Phil,

Always study/learn from people smarter than you, apply what you learn right away and teach others that have less knowledge than you.

You are already a leader and as long as you know more than the person learning from you, you will rock it. 🙂