6 Keyword Research Tips For Online Success

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keyword research tipsHey warriors, in today’s Dojo training I am going to be going over some keyword research tips. Let’s start off with the importance of keyword research and why you should be researching keywords before you do anything. By now you should know I am in the internet marketing niche so I will be going over keywords to do with my niche but these “keyword research tips” apply to any niche.

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Keyword Research Tips Video

6 Keyword Research Tips

keyword research tips 1: No matter what type of content you are making whether it’s a blog post, article or video etc… making that content around a keyword is key to your success. You could make the best video in the world with the best value you have ever created that will sign people up on demand but if people cannot find your video you get no traffic, no leads and no sales. Make sure you do proper keyword research before creating content.

keyword research tips 2: You can use a keyword research software to help with your keyword research but some cost you a pretty penny but in this post I am going through the FREE keyword research tools which I have used to build my business over the years. The difference between using keyword research software and free tools is that you have to spend time researching the free methods. I run through this in the keyword research tips video.

keyword research tips 3: The first keyword research tool I always head to first is the Google Adwords Keyword Planner, this gives you more accurate information about a certain keyword you are targeting. The Keyword Planner also gives you related keywords which are very powerful. The Keyword Planner also gives you the amount of searches a keyword gets and also the competition of that keyword. I go into more detail on this in the keyword research tips video in this post.

Examples Of Keyword Research Tips

keyword research tips 4: The next keyword research tool I use is Übersuggest. This is a very powerful keyword suggestion tool which gives you hundreds if not thousands of keywords and related keywords to what you want to target. I believe you have landed in the right place on this post to get keyword research tips.

Keyword research tips 5: It is good practice to go after keywords that have around 1000 searches per month and under 500,000 competing websites out there for the exact same keyword phrase. Although I also go after easy long tailed keywords with a lot less competition as you can still generate lots of traffic this way. For example I love to make video and if I make a quick 3 minute video around a long tailed keyword and optimize that video for that keyword I know I will rank at the top of YouTube for that keyword. Make several of these videos in a day and you generate a lot of FREE traffic from a very powerful targeted traffic source.

Keyword research tips 6: If you are creating written content it is best practice to add related keywords into your content. I have done this throughout this blog post several times. This will fully optimize your content so Google loves your posts. You get related keywords from the Google Keyword Planner and also at the bottom of page 1 of Google. For instance the keyword I am targeting for this post is a long tailed keyword (Keyword research tips).

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If you enter “Keyword research tips” into Google and go to the bottom of the page you will see…


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You will notice I have entered these keywords throughout this post in a readable way so that it is readable to humans and also Google will pick up these keywords. This is optimizing my blog post so Google will know exactly what this content is about and it will also get picked up in the search engines for related keywords. I have wrote another blog post here about how to SEO your blog this will be very helpful in getting your content ranked high in the search engines to help you get highly targeted traffic.

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Steve Marx says:

Great info Paul!

I used to really like the google keyword tool before it became
the keyword planner.

I got really good with it, and it served a great purpose. Now with the planner,
it’s starting all over again to learn it’s functions, benefits, limitations etc.

That’s what happens when things change, and I just have to make time to
re-learn it. 🙂

I’m sure your readers will appreciate this post too!

Paul Evans says:

Hey Steve,

that’s the thing with this industry it is always changing, it keeps you on your toes and doesn’t allow you
to stay in your comfort zone which I believe is the worst place a person can be.

Thanks for input I really appreciate you reaching out 🙂