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blogging for beginnersIf you are looking into Blogging as a way of marketing then I want to throw out a few important pointers to you. When I first got started blogging back in 2011 I had no clue about how to set a blog up, how to get it indexed and ranked in the search engines or even how to do my on page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get it ranked high.

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Throughout this article I will be explaining how to set up a blog and how to best syndicate your posts and content without relying on Google and ranking in the search engines. I will show you how to get instant recognition and gain respect from your readers and followers.

Blogging For Beginners Video Tutorial

I wanted to write this post on blogging for beginners to get you off to the best start as I believe blogging is the best form of marketing a business owner can have. A blog is yours to keep, you are not limited to what content you put on your blog and you have complete control over it.

All of the top leaders in network marketing, direct sales, multi level marketing and even affiliate marketing owns their own blog. If you are a networker of some sort and you are looking to promote your primary business online I highly recommend you become a blogger.

I was personally introduced to blogging back in 2011 and have been blogging ever since. The reason I got into blogging was because I seen the power in this form of marketing. Let me break down why I believe blogging is so powerful.

Why Blogging

  1. You can put your personality in your posts.
  2. Your thoughts and emotions show in your blog post
  3. You can target certain niches and audiences
  4. You write a blog post and it is on the world wide web forever
  5. You can build relationships and start a huge following with a blog
  6. People get to know, like and trust you through your content
  7. You will get your blog posts ranked in the search engines
  8. You will generate free traffic forever
  9. You can build a list through your blog
  10. Blogging makes you an authority

I could go on forever why I think blogging is so important and powerful but I think I will just leave it at them 10 for now.

Use WordPress

The most popular of blogging platforms is a WordPress blog. This is the one that marketers and business owners prefer as it is very Google friendly. I know I mentioned above that I am going to show you how to generate traffic without relying on Google but it is still nice if you get your content ranked as it will still be free traffic.

If you do decide to go with a WordPress blog you will also need to have hosting. I have always been with Hostgator, they are very good and I have never had a problem with them. What little problems I have had they have sorted very quickly and efficiently.

Once you decide to become a blogger you will need a couple of things in place like something to capture peoples email addresses. The reason you want to do this is purely because you want to be building a list of potential clients and customers so you can promote and market to these people over and over. You do this by giving something away for free. You will see at the top right corner of my blog I give away something for free, so make sure you go and grab my free gift now.

If you don’t have anything to give away you could get access to ebooks or something through a private label rights network for a very low cost and give that away for exchange for someones email address.

You will also need an autoresponder, this is a software that collects and stores your emails and also sends out pre set emails you set up yourself, so when someone opts in to get your free gift your autoresponder will instantly give them access to that free gift. This is an automated process so it works for you 24 hours per day 365 days of the year.

Cool huh?

You will also have to monetize your site in some way so you are able to earn money from your blog. This is if you don’t already have a business or product that you promote already. If you want to monetize your blog you could use Google adsense, click bank or even Amazon’s affiliate program.

Driving Targeted Traffic To Your Blog


Now for the cool part…


This is the part people find the hardest as they over complicate this process but it really isn’t that hard to start driving traffic to your blog. There are many softwares out there you can use to automatically syndicate your content that are paid services but if you are just starting out I am going to show you the free strategies and these work.

As soon as I publish my post I go to that post and I have a plugin called CevherShare. As you see down the left side of this post I have social media sharing buttons, I go ahead and share to each of these sites by clicking on the icons.

If you would like to go and hit them now and share I would appreciate it. J

I would then go over to LinkedIn and share my new blog post to 50 relevant groups, I know what you may be thinking “this is spamming right…?” wrong, you are writing valuable, high quality content that people will appreciate. Don’t go trying to sell people all of the time because people don’t like to be sold.

By writing good quality content people will enjoy coming back and interacting with your posts. I would then go across to Facebook and share in relevant groups to your niche.

I would then send out this blog post to my list as this is where most of my traffic and sales come from because I use my blog to build relationships. Obviously if you have just started you will not have a list but you soon will once you start using my strategies above.

Adding Regular Content

Once you start blogging consistently every day and following my syndication process you will soon start building up a huge following. Imagine doing this now everyday for the next 60 to 90 days how much traffic and sales you will be generating from your blog.

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I hope you have enjoyed this post and have got lots of valuable information from it. Never miss out on one of my posts and go here, you will also get some free training from me.

As of writing this blog post I am giving away free Facebook PPC training but I often change my free gift so make sure you go here and get the free training now.


Keep being awesome

Paul Evans




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