Blogging Never Dies & I Will Prove It Here

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Hey Warrior. I just made a quick video on how powerful blogging is to build your business and grow your team. I have been blogging for a good few years now and in this video I show you I still get FREE traffic, FREE leads and FREE sign ups into my business on auto-pilot from blog posts I done years ago.

Hopefully this video will explain the power of blogging and why every top earner owns there own blog to brand themselves online.

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Now I know as well as you that you will not get rich over night blogging but I have actually built my business around blogging and have made four figure days from blogging alone.

Blogging is a long term strategy and when done consistently with other marketing strategies you will build an online presence that will stick forever.

Earn Money Blogging Video


You have seen in the video the power of blogging and why you should build your business around a blog. If you already own a blog then you are definitely on the right track to success.

Blogs can be very technical to set up and will take some time to get it how you like it. This can take up weeks even months to get it right. All this time is taken away from you setting up your blog and not marketing and making money.

If you already own a blog then great but you will always come across people that do not own a blog and need one.

This is where a ready made blog is good for your business to help you earn money from people that do not join you in your primary business. Offer them this blogging platform that is all ready set up for you to plug and play and start blogging instantly to build their business.

No more messing around with WordPress and plugins and all that technical stuff that people hate doing.

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Check out the blogging system that has allowed me to earn tens of thousands of dollars and work full time from home.

Get your very own ready made blog here and work with me and my team personally.




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If you have any questions about blogging or would like to leave your thoughts then please comment below. I always appreciate likes ‘N’ shares 🙂

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Dawn says:

It is ironic that I was reading about why blogging and wordpress is what more and more businesses are adding to their sites.

Using your YouTube video (and I noticed it was tagged and descripted properly), is a big plus.

Another surprise to me was that I did not realise you all ready are a successful marketer.

Paul Evans says:

Hey Dawn,

I believe blogging is very important for building relationships and getting
people to know and understand who you are. By blogging consistently you will
generate more traffic which will in turn result in more sales into your business.

I have been blogging since 2011 and still get traffic and sales from posts I wrote
back then as I prove in the video on this post.

This is the power of the internet. 🙂