Can You REALLY Make Money Blogging? 5 Top Tips To Make Money Blogging

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Can_You_REALLY_Make_Money_Blogging.Can You REALLY Make Money Blogging.

If you are looking to create an income online then I believe owning your own blog is one of the most powerful tools you should have.

I want to run through why blogging is so powerful.

  1. Blogging works in any niche and you can literally monetize your blog through promoting niche products that have an affiliate program attached to it. There are not many niches in today’s age where there aren’t products created for that particular niche to sell affiliate products through.
  2. Blogging is time consuming but once you create regular content and syndicate it correctly it won’t be long until you build up your following. Consistency is key in this instance.
  3. When you own a blog such as WordPress and its hosted, this is your blog, you own it thus allowing you to add any content you wish to it as long as it’s legal and ethical content that is.
  4. Blogs are a great way to build relationships, rapport and trust amongst your readers/visitors. Once you are establishing good relationships through your blog and you’re a trusted source for relevant information to do with your niche people will be more inclined to buy, purchase or join your business or services which your promote.
  5. Gaining authority in your niche is easy through your blog. You will become the go to person in your niche once your blog has plenty of content which people love and share. Once people start sharing your content through their social media platforms this is when you and your blog start succeeding.

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Can You REALLY Make Money Blogging?


The simple answer is ‘YES’ you can really make money blogging, I know many successful bloggers out there in internet land.

  1. You can create your own products or services to sell through your blog.
  2. Sell other peoples products and services and earn commissions this way.
  3. Sell banner space on your blog and allow others to advertise on your blog this creates revenue.
  4. Add Google Adsense to your blog. This is where you allow Google to place advertising on your blog related to your content and you earn a small commission every time someone clicks on the ads.
  5. Sell Amazon, Clickbank or Jvzoo products through your blog or other offers such as CPA (cost per action). You can promote business opportunities such as MLM, network marketing, direct sales or even offline brick and mortar business products and services.

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Blogging is an extremely effective and efficient way to create an income online, build your brand, become an authority and add value to the market place. Making money online through blogging is all about you being you and creating valuable content enough for people to keep coming back.

Can you really make money blogging?


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