Chris Dacres Leadership Lands Him A $600 Day

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Chris_DacresI’ve decide to write a blog post today about an up and coming star Chris Dacres, Chris is a young entrepreneur on my team that has made a decision to let nothing hold him back from his goals and dreams. I have known Chris for a couple of years now and have met up with him at our company events over in the States on a couple of occasions.

Chris Dacres is well ahead of his time for a young entrepreneur with the words he speaks and the vision he has for himself and his team members. I have watched Chris step into his power over the past few months and watching him do so I have seen himself grow and his team grow.

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“Chris Dacres” is now bringing people into our team The Millionaire Mind Network on a regular basis and is leading the way for other young entrepreneurs.

A Video Message For Chris Dacres

What makes Chris Dacres a leader?

Chris has stepped into his power and is showing up for himself and his team every day. He now co hosts our daily mindset, mastermind team calls with Jon Belcher another young entrepreneur on our team. With these calls Chris Dacres talks power and passion into the lives of others.

Chris is inspiring other people from all over the globe including myself to take their lives to another dimension, in doing so Chris has just had his best day so far with our company and made $600 in one single day just by speaking power into others.


I have nothing but respect for Chris Dacres and I know you will be seeing him on stages around the world speaking life into others.

If you have not yet reached out to Chris, then you can connect with him here. He will always give his time up for serious people and if you are serious about succeeding in life you need to connect with him so he can speak life into you.




Connect with Chris Dacres here.

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Keep being awesome 🙂




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