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Daily Success HabitsHumans are habitual creatures, we are a bread of habits both good and bad. The crazy thing is we get most of our habits from our parents believe it or not. For example my mother bought me up eating foods that wasn’t always good for me so as I got older I would go out and buy similar sorts of food.

Whereas my wife was bought up eating healthy food, now she buys our family healthy food but I still, every now and then go to the bad food department when out shopping. Lol

On a serious note now, if you want your current financial situation to change for the better like 99% of the world’s population does then you have to change a few things.

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You have to change the way you think about money. Money isn’t bad, money is good and there is nothing wrong with wanting more of it. Let’s face it there isn’t much you can do without money.

Daily Success Habits



Truth Talk…

People that say money is the root of all evil are the people that have never had money.

To change your current financial situation you have to changes your beliefs and standards. If you believe you will never have money and become rich, guest what? You never will.

There is a quote by Henry Ford that says whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right and this is so true.

For example…

Do you think Mike Tyson got into boxing because he believed he couldn’t become world champion?

Hell no!!!

Mike was the youngest person in the world to ever become world champion.

Do you think top athletes do what they do and believe they can’t make it? No they have embedded new thoughts into their minds and this is what you have to do.

There are people in our industry that in all honesty shouldn’t be earning the huge commissions that they are earning but they are.

Because they believe in themselves and they have changed their standards. They no longer want to live a mediocre life and they shouldn’t, you shouldn’t either.

If you’ve turned to this industry of home based business then you are here for a reason. You know you deserve more, you know you deserve better and you do.

The way I see it is…

We weren’t put on this earth to work every day of our lives doing something we hate to make someone else rich.

That’s BS

We are a different bread form society, we are the crazy ones, the ones that break rules, the ones that do the opposite that society tries to drill into our heads.

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Any hoo, I’m going to finish up this post here

If you believe it you can achieve it

If you have anything to say on anything I’ve wrote here. Share it in the comments below I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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