Dreams Can Come True And I’ll Prove It!

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A Picture Of Taylor The Day He Was Born

Hey guys, I was going to make a Facebook status update earlier but decided to turn it into a blog post instead because I think this is quite important as it’s about triumph and a small step in my journey to freedom.

I want to take you back to 2010 when my wife was expecting our son Taylor and I worked as a Fork Lift Truck driver. She would have regular hospital appointments to check on the progress of the baby as he was a big size so Suzi had to be monitored.

Taylor was born 10lb 5 oz which is a pretty big size and Suzi only has a small frame, bless her. 🙂


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I remember having to keep going to my Supervisor and explaining about the appointments because how regular they were and the look on his face as though he thought I was lying. I had to start taking proof of the appointments into work so he would let me leave to go to the appointments.

I Resented Him…

The way this made me feel was uncomfortable and I started to resent him. I worked about a 30-40 minutes drive away from where we lived so I would have to drive over to the hospital and then when the appointment was finished I had to drive back to work even if the appointment was late in the day.

At this point I was involved in this industry but I was still learning and jumping from opportunity to opportunity. The day had come and our son Taylor decided he was going to make an appearance. I took my wife into hospital as she started having contractions.

The birth was quite traumatic for my wife as she went the full distance in the birthing process but Taylor was on a funny angle and was stuck so she could not push him out. She was in lots of pain and Taylor was getting dangerously stressed so they had to perform an emergency caesarean.

When Taylor was taken from my wifes tummy he was rushed straight into another room. We waited anxiously for a few moments which felt like a very long time to hear Taylor cry.

Then a flood of emotions hit us both when we heard Taylor for the first time. I will never forget that experience.
After a few days we were able to take Taylor home as mum and baby had to rest and recover. As Suzi had to be stitched up and the healing process was going to take weeks and I was only able to have 2 weeks paternity leave from work.

This Will Never Happen Again

I remember the day I had to leave my family and go back to work, it ripped my heart out to leave my new born son but bills had to be paid. I remember getting into work and going up to my supervisor and explaining to him that I didn’t want to be at work and didn’t want to leave my son. He sort of laughed at me and I will never forget that.

At this point I decided that this will never happen to me again. In April 2012 I started a business that I am still with today and in September 2012 I was earning enough money with this business to walk out of that job one lunch time and never told anyone. I literally just got up and walked out and have never looked back since.

family_picture 1200x628

Talyor & Myself With His Older Brother And Sister

A New Life With A New Baby

Now Suzi is booked into hospital to have our second child on Saturday 8th November 2014 and guess what?

Because I live life on my terms now and answer to no jack ass boss I do not have to book the time off work, I will never have to leave my family to go back to a job I hate ever again and it’s all down to the hard work I put into my business and the leadership I had at the start to help me push forward in my business.

If you have dreams and aspirations for freedom then what ever you do keep fighting for them. This industry is a life changer as long as you work hard at it. I remember thinking to myself, this is never going to work for me. I will never work for myself from home but as soon as I started believing in myself this is when everything changed and doors started to open.

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Whatever you do believe in yourself, you are more powerful than you may realise. Your dreams will come true as long as you work at them and never give up.

I appreciate your time to read my post.

Keep being awesome


Paul Evans




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