Facebook PPC – How To Advertise For Pennies

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facebook ppcIf you want highly targeted traffic, leads and customers to your products or services from Facebook PPC then this post is for you. I will show you how I am able to generate clicks to my website for pennies.

Us as marketers are always on the lookout for the best and cheapest ways to market our business. I have built my business using only free methods of marketing over the past year or so and now I am diving into the paid marketing arena.

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I have started using Solo advertising but don’t really feel comfortable not knowing where my traffic is coming from. I like to be in control of where my traffic comes from so I ventured into “Facebook PPC” recently.

I have always grown my business by giving value so in this Facebook PPC training I want to show you how I get clicks to my website for a very low cost.

When I set up my first Facebook PPC campaign I didn’t really have any guide and was being charged 36 pence per click, one of my ads cost over £2 per click which would have made me go broke pretty quickly.

I have now managed to narrow down my target market to a fine pin point which costs me next to nothing to market.

All I have to do now is scale outwards and upwards and this is exactly what I plan on doing.

Facebook PPC – Penny Clicks To Your Website



I hope this Facebook PPC training serves you well and you implement this strategy into your own business.

Tomorrow I will be sending out some training on how to use the Facebook audience insights tool to my list.

To get this important training subscribe to my list here.

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I am using this Facebook pay per click method to market my high ticket business. If you are fed up of working your butt off for small commissions and want to become a top earner in this industry then click here to see what I do, but that isn’t all….

…You will also get full access to my free training series where I teach you all of my FREE marketing methods I have used to generate $1000’s daily.

You can get access to that training here.

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Great post. Thanks, Paul.

Excellent work as always Paul.. I have been looking at ways to get started with facebook ad this helps. Thanks. Look forward to learning more from you blogger sensi 🙂

Paul Evans says:

Thats cool Malcolm, any time buddy. You know where I am for more top tips 🙂