Finding Your Why

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finding your whyHey Warrior, in today’s post I am going to run through the importance of finding your why. I and my good friend Stephan have put together a quick Google Hangout on this topic. By having a strong compelling why will help you push through all of your barriers you come across.

You may have already hit barriers in your business or if not then you soon will. The power of your why will help you overcome anything that comes in your way and push through all barriers.

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Understanding the reason why you do what you do is so important to the success of any targets you are aiming to achieve. We have moulded ourselves to be the way we are today from the information and the people we have associated ourselves with.

Instead of just going through the motions on a daily basis of living your life start living your why. Make your daily rituals actions towards your why. Think hard and deep about finding your why so you get emotionally attached to it.

Finding Your Why Google Hangout

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Hey Paul,

I’ve got to agree with you 100%. Especially in internet marketing, if you think the only reason you are doing what you’re doing is for the money, I think you’ll find IM incredibly unrewarding. There’s always a deeper reason why and something we all work for. Sure, money might make whatever motivation you have possible, but money is not the end goal.


Paul Evans says:

Too true Drew,

abmittedly we all come online for the money but after a while when you start helping others succeed you soon realise your true
game and that is helping others succeed. Finding your why is a crucial part of the success process and unfortunitely people do not know why they are really doing what they are doing.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and responding to this post, I really appreciate it 🙂