Focus And Consistency – Make This Your Daily Ritual

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focus and consistencyHey warriors, in today’s post I am going to run through ways to help you stay focused and consistent in your business. I know as well as you that staying focused and consistent in your business can be very difficult with your already busy lifestyle.

If you are 100% committed to yourself and your success then you will find time to work on your business no matter what after all we all have the same amount of hours in the day. Do you think successful people have more time than you? Of course not because success is a must for these people and you need to make it a must for you.

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Focus & Consistency Video

The word I was thinking of in the video was ritual. LOL

Set your intention starting today because your success is down to you and nobody else. The first step is having a vision and having a why. Why are you working towards achieving success and what is your vision for your future? Have complete clarity in your vision and what you want to create. Your vision has to be compelling enough for you to be pulled towards your end goals not pushed.

Here’s what I mean…

Your vision has to be exciting and attractive enough for you to want to work towards it. You have to feel your passion burning inside with enough urgency to not to want to sleep at night and to wake in the morning excited to work on your vision. You have to have a strong enough reason to follow through with your vision when to going gets tough and not just give up at your first obstacle because in this industry you will come across obstacles often.

Do not let fear take over

If you find yourself going off target then redirect yourself. Did you know when a shuttle is going to the moon it is off course 99% of the time and it has to make minor adjustments to constantly get back on course. Well your journey is no different.

So the first step is to have a compelling vision, the second step is to have strong reasons to follow through no matter what and the third step is to review and feel it every day. You have to be hungry, passionate, obsessed and totally attracted to your vision.

You have to have an intensely strong feeling towards your vision and you keep this embedded in your brain every single day without fail. You have to write down your vision clearly and precisely exactly how you see yourself in that present day. You have to see yourself living that dream lifestyle.

By reading your vision several times a day this will import this image into your reticular activating system. This is a part of your brain that relates and notices things thatreticular activating system you want. Your mind will become acute your vision. Just like when you buy a new car, you then start to see that car all over the place when you never noticed it before. This is your (RAS) working without your control. So what the brain believes to be true will become true.

Embed your vision into your brain and watch what starts to happen. Don’t allow yourself to have limitations even if you have to raise your standard. Make your daily tasks become your rituals as rituals are where the power is.

Break down your steps into bight size pieces as the little things you do each day will get you so much momentum that it will become easy to succeed and you will start having little victories day after day until you start succeeding.

Condition your mind and your day with rituals.

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Great post.
Reading your ultimate goal out helps train your brain for sure.
Focus helps you work out your plan, and a plan helps you act consistently
Thanks for the reminder!

Paul Evans says:

Thats so right Gordino,

Without focus what have you got, without consistency what have you got. Its like if a person is over weight and they want to lose weight
they have to eat healthy and train consistenly.

Just like if you want to be successful you have to work your ass off consistenlty 🙂

Thanks for dropping by.

Alayna says:

Hi Paul
This post came at a good time for me. The last 10 days or so have been a bit of a yo-yo with everyday life issues having to be a priority and my blog and business has been a bit neglected. So thanks for the advice both ritten and in your video – time to refocus and make the daily small steps a ‘ritual’.

Paul Evans says:

Hey Alayna,

Every thing happens for a reason and I believe you came across this post was a sign, a sign for you to get serious and
work your butt off for the lifestyle you dream about. Make that dream a reality by focus and consistency in
your daily rituals.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂