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Forever Living Distributor UKYou’ve heard about the great products that Forever Living sell through their multi level marketing opportunity and you’re looking for a forever living distributor UK.

Or maybe you want to become a forever living distributor UK to start earning an extra income from home. Well I can tell you there is a very good chance of making an extra income from home with this opportunity but do you just want to pay off a few bills or do you want to change your whole lifestyle?

I’ve personally been involved with network marketing for many years now and have learned a lot both the right way and the wrong way to build a successful network marketing business.

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I actually failed in this industry for 4 years and fell flat on my face a number of times but I got up brushed myself off and kept moving forward until today where I now work full time from the comfort of my own home.

I have to say before I go on that I am in no way involved with Forever Living but I am involved with the network marketing industry and want to take this time to explain to you how to be successful as a forever living distributor UK.

My cousin Lisa actually became a forever living distributor UK and I was watching how she was promoting the products and the business. She didn’t seem interested in recruiting new people to sell the products, she just seemed interested in selling the products through Facebook to her friends and family.

She was doing lots of running around with very little return, she would drive back and forward to the head office in Warwick and drive round customers houses. I mean she seemed to be enjoying it but I knew she wouldn’t go on like this.

I didn’t say anything to her as I’m not a dream stealer. She was excited about her new business and I didn’t want to put her off.

I know from industry standard that new people join these network marketing companies for about 3 months/90 days before they throw in the towel and go back to their day jobs. I know it’s a sad statistic but unfortunately it’s true.

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Becoming a “forever living distributor UK” and selling their products to friends and family is not going to make you rich, but what will make you rich as a forever living distributor UK is recruiting people into your team.

This is where the real wealth is made. Imagine learning how to recruit people into your team and having them duplicate exactly what you do from the comfort of your own home. I mean never leaving your home and recruiting people from all over the world.

I bet you’re wondering to yourself now, how is this even possible?

Let me explain.

You are here on the internet reading this blog post now, imagine how many more people will come across this exact blog post that are searching for the same keywords. For example for this blog post I have targeted “forever living distributor UK”.

I know that 1600 people put this keyword phrase into Google every month. Check out the image below I took from the Google keyword planner.

A massive 27,100 people enter Forever Living UK into Google every single month. I hope you see the power of using the internet to build and grow your business. Imagine getting your content in front of these people. imagine how quickly your business would grow.

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When you learn how to market your business online and become a top forever living distributor UK this is when you will explode your business and start recruiting people into your business from all over the world.

Building your business online is the smartest decision you’ll ever make and you will have wealth beyond your imagination. I have personally had days where I’ve made 4 figures in my business in a single day just by sitting behind my computer and creating content like this.

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