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 Karishma Gautam

Karishma Gautam

I want to congratulate Karishma for making a life changing decision today. She spent $5100 and joined me in my business but this isn’t the message I’m putting out there.

It’s the fact that today I have had a massive transformational shift in my mindset and my mind has now opened up to new levels of success and possibilities.

This is more powerful than the money I made.

The most I have ever earned in a single day in my business before today is $1625, although this is a great amount to earn my mind has now been opened up to greater possibilities to what I can achieve in my life.

I have no doubt in my mind now that the day will come when I am earning $5100 plus per day every day. Although it was my persistence my dedication and my daily consistent actions that made me this money I didn’t actually earn it.

Let me elaborate on this further

I did make the sales in my primary opportunity but the way the compensation plan works in my company and the way these commissions fell they were all passed up to my upline and mentor Toby.

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You may be thinking, I would be livid if I passed up $5100 in a single day to my upline but you see I have had a mental transformational

Me & Toby in Atlanta

Me & Toby in Atlanta

mindset shift and this is way more powerful than earning these commissions myself because I now know that my daily consistent actions are paying off big time.

And the next commissions will be coming to me. 🙂

Earning these commissions in a single day has just lit a fire under my ass and I am more determined now than ever because I know what I can do.

There was a time when my mindset was so poor I thought I would never earn any money online because I would jump from company to company buying the next push button product and losing money.

Now I have the right system, the right leadership and the right mentors showing me a better way.

Of course I have to congratulate Karishma the person who took massive action and decided to go all in with herself, her success and her future.

She has made a massive commitment purchasing all these products but she is in great hands with myself and the leadership here to help her every step of the way.

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EMAIL_MCI posted my result on Facebook – see the thread here. If we are not friends on Facebook yet feel free to add me.

If you are struggling in any way in your business or your success I want you to first believe in yourself because I believe in you.

You have to really and truly believe in yourself to succeed in what it is you want to succeed in.

Oh and hard work, you have to work your ass off at whatever it is you want to achieve.

It’s funny but I only just wrote down my goals today what I want to achieve over the next 3 months and you know what?

I’m going to achieve them with my hard work and the commissions my company pays out. I do have to throw in a big fat income disclaimer here though because these results are not typical because I am not typical.

There are few people that would go through what I went through over the years struggling to find a better way.

Well now I’ve found it.

But I must say the only way you can earn commissions like these is if you work with low cost front end offer that has high ticket products on the back end.

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Not every company out there has this infrastructure

If you want to start getting serious with your success and your future come and join me here and let me and my team mentor you so you can start seeing similar or better results than ourselves.

It all starts with a decision.

Make the right one

Join me here

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To your massive success


Paul Evans





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