How To Build Your Business Through Blogging

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how to build your business through bloggingIn this blog post you are going to learn how to build your business through blogging by creating content, driving targeted traffic, leads and generating sales online through your blogging efforts.

I go into great detail in the video on this page so be sure to watch the entire video. I’ll dive into where to find low hanging fruit (keywords) to start your blog off by using some free keyword suggestion tools because really you always need to create one post around one topic or keyword phrase.

I like to create content around long tail keywords as they are easier to rank in the search engines. I’ll also show you in the video how to get instant targeted traffic to your new blog posts and build up your following this way.

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How To Build Your Business Through Blogging Video



Blogging is all about adding value back out to the market place and becoming a go to person of leadership and value. This is how you build trust, rapport and get people from all over the globe to know, like and trust you… and join you 🙂

Knowing how to build your business through blogging is a very powerful concept. You create the content once and that content is out there on the worldwide web forever generating traffic, leads and sales around the clock all day every day.

Pretty powerful huh?

How To Build Your Business Through Blogging


If you type a search query into Google, nine times out of ten there will be a blog on the first page and this isn’t just for our industry but for any keyword in any niche.

There are marketers out there that create niche blog sites targeted to sell affiliate products and make money this way.

If you are involved in a business like network marketing or MLM or something like this then you can create content around your business and products or even upload training videos to your blog and send the post to your team and train them as a group but also bring in new customers through your blog content.

Take a look around at all of the industry leaders these days and you will notice they all own their own blog.

Even if you are not involved in any business yet think of the potential you have in front of you if you own your own blog.

You could start up a travelling blog, snowboarding, skate boarding, swimming blog. You can literally create content around any hobby, passion or interests and create an income though it.

How To Build Your Business Through Blogging


Let’s face it 99% of the world’s population could do with earning a little more extra money so why not do it through something that will be around forever creating a passive income for you because remember that content is out there forever.

The only down fall of creating your own blog site is if you are technically challenged and find it difficult to create.

The truth is when I first got online it took me many months to create my first blog and this took me away from what was really important and that was creating content and building my business to create an income.

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The good news is I now work with a readymade blog where you simply drag, drop, click and play. Anyone can plug into this blog and it’s already set up and optimised for you to start building your business and earning money fast.

How to build your business through blogging and earning money fast has never been easier.

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