How To Find Low Competition Keywords

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How To Find Low Competition KeywordsHey warriors in this (Vlog) video blog I will be showing you “how to find low competition keywords” to target and start building your business through content marketing. Content marketing is anything from blogging, video marketing and article marketing etc… anything where you are adding your content and optimizing it to get recognized by the big search engines.

The place where I want to show you how to find low competition keywords is where everyone starts their keyword finding journey, the Google Adwords keyword planner. This is a free tool that Google allows you to use to help you more understand the keywords and their analytics such as strength of competition, monthly search volume and exact phase match etc…

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How To Find Low Competition Keywords video.

The reason you would want to learn how to find low competition keywords is to help you rank your content easier in the search engines which in turn will start you off your journey of attracting the right people to your services or offers. You can laser target your audience through content marketing, for instance if you are promoting products or services around gardening you can target a keyword search as “the best soil for tomatoes”. This is just an example of a keyword you could use to bring people to your gardening blog/website.

There are literally millions of keywords and keyword variations around certain niches both exact and long tail. Log tailed keywords are usually 3 word variations or more and are easier to target and have a lot less competition. The demonstration above “the best soil for tomatoes” are classed as long tailed keywords because it has 5 different words in the phrase.

Using the Google Adwords keyword planner to learn how to find low competition keywords is very simple. First you will need a Google account which you can create here. After you account is all set up you will have to Google and type in the Google search keyword planner, the top result should be the keyword planner.

How To Find Low Competition Keywords

When you are in the planner you need to search for exact phrases this will tell you how much competition that exact keyword phrase has and whether it is worth making content around. It is good practice to make every piece of content you ever make around a keyword.

There is nothing worse than writing up a great blog post or making a great video and not optimizing it around a keyword and it never getting found. The whole point of content marketing is creating content around relevant keywords to do with your niche to create targeted traffic, leads and eventually sales.

You may have already noticed in this post I am going after a long tailed keyword “how to find low competition keywords”. This is targeting people like you that want to learn more about how to best do your keyword research.

There are also paid tools out there that allow you to automate how to find low competition keywords. I personally use Micro Niche Finder that helps me find the low hanging fruit.

I hope you have got some great value from this how to find low competition keywords blog post and it has served you well. There is a lot more to just choosing great keywords to target, you also have to learn how to optimize your blog posts and videos etc…

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