How To Gain Leadership In Network Marketing

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leadership in network marketingThese are simply my thoughts on leadership in network marketing. I stumbled across network marketing by accident, I purchased a laptop back in 2008 and started looking for ways to earn money online and after a short time of purchasing get rich quick schemes where you buy the product and don’t know what they hell to do with it, I entered my details into a website.

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The next day I had a phone call from a gentleman who owned that website, this being the first time I had human interaction from someone off the internet surprised me. He was involved in a network marketing company that sold super fruit juice and I got straight on board.

Credibility & Leaderhip In Network Marketing

I didn’t have a clue about network marketing and never even heard of multi level marketing before but I loved the concept and the thought of earning residual income excited me. But I failed at two network marketing businesses in the beginning and one high ticket business.

Why did I fail…?

I failed through not getting the right training, mentoring and the guidance I needed. Like everyone that turns to this industry I was being told to prospect to my family and friends etc…

This is all good and well to start you off but I had no real skills, I was not a sales person or a great speaker for that matter, I was a normal, regular guy that drove a Fork Lift Truck.

Now you may be told that you don’t have to become a sales person to become successful in network marketing which you don’t but you do have to become a great communicator.

What I have learned from the years I have been in this industry…

I soon learned that bringing my business to the internet was a great start for me. I wasn’t really a belly to belly person as my vocabulary was short and I only communicated with my family and friends, so was really stuck in a limited mindset.

Little did I know at the time but this was the reason for my four years of failure. In 2012 I came across my mentor and a community of leaders and that taught me that to become a successful network marketer I had to change myself from the inside and my business would start growing on the outside.

What did this mean?

To become a better marketer I had to become a better person. I’m not saying I was a bad person I just wasn’t a person of influence and to become a person of influence I had to become a person of knowledge. I soon found out that people don’t join your company for its products or the compensation plan, they join because of the person.

People join people they know, like and trust.

Leaderhip In Network Marketing Starts With A Following

To become a leader in this industry you have to step into your power, you have to get up and show up every day without fail. Do what makes you uncomfortable because being comfortable in life will keep you broke for sure. We entrepreneurs are different, we are unique.

Leaders are people that empower others by their own actions. Leaders need followers so you have to become a person of influence not authority or power but someone with honour and integrity.

To become a leader in network marketing you need to read, listen and associate. You need to read inspirational and self development books and literature, listen to people that have got to the position in their business where you want to be in yours and associate yourself with like minded people that are of influence and already posses leadership skills.

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Again these are simply my thoughts and ideas about leadership in network marketing. If you want to have a great career in network marketing I highly recommend you get yourself a great mentor.

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