How To Leverage The 3 largest Websites In The World For Quality Traffic

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Leverage The InternetI’ve been successfully building my business full time from home since 2012 simply by leveraging the 3 largest websites in the world.

Can you guess what they are?

That’s right, Google, Facebook and YouTube.

According to Google is ranked #1 most trafficked website in the world, Facebook is the #2 most trafficked website in the world and YouTube is #3.



Below is a snap shot of top 10 sites.

How To Leverage The 3 Largest Websites

What does this mean for you and your business? it means you are going to start exploding your business online.

By harnessing these 3 websites and automating your business you’re going to start seeing results almost instantly.

If you’ve never generated traffic online before this post is for you. If you’ve never generated a lead online before then this post is for you and if you’ve never generated a sale online before this post is definitely for you.

I’ve been blogging, creating videos for YouTube and using social media since 2012 to build my brand and business online.

Watch How I Leverage The 3 Top Sites In The World To Get Quality Traffic


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My Personal Blogging Strategy


Throughout this post I’m going to open up my business and share with you exactly what I’ve been doing so you can go away and start implementing these strategies into your business and watch your business start to come to life.

I create a blog post around a keyword I’ve researched or a topic I want to blog about. This will always be something to do with network marketing, home based business or make money online niche as this is what I’m involved in.

Blogging is a powerful long term marketing strategy as once you publish your blog post that content will be out there on the world wide web forever continuously generating you residual, quality traffic, leads and sales into your business.

My Personal YouTube Strategy


I then create a video about the topic or keyword I have chosen to add value to our market place. If you are not sure what to blog about or create content about then check out this post.

Once I’ve created a value added video I upload it to YouTube and optimise the video to help it rank on the first page of YouTube. I always add a call to action in my videos telling people to click the link in the YouTube description. That link is directed to the blog post I have created about the same keyword.

Creating a blog post and a video gives me two pieces of content based around the same topic. This giving me more chance of getting visitors to my content and finding me out there in internet land.


The more targeted visitors to my content the more leads I generate and the more leads I generate the more people join me in my business, it really is this simple.

Once I’ve got the video uploaded and published I add that video to my blog, this way I am adding more power to my blog as YouTube is owned by Google and if you are embedding a video from an authority site to your blog post this is only going to look good in Google’s eyes and this is what we want.

Connecting YouTube to your blog by embedding the video into your post and connecting your blog to YouTube by adding a link in the description is going to help you out immensely.

Also by having the visitors to your blog watching your video will keep them on your blog longer which again helps Google recognise you have interesting and valuable content as people are staying on it for a long time. There are many factors to help your content rank in Google and I’ve just mentioned a couple.

Now we have our YouTube video and blog post completed and published it’s time to syndicate this bad boy on social media, namely Facebook but I do syndicate my content on other social platforms as shown in the video.

My Personal Content Syndication Stragey


I have joined many MLM, Network marketing and direct sales groups on Facbook and this is where I syndicate and share my new blog post. Always be sure to add value in your blog posts, this way you are using social media as it is meant to be used by sharing valuable targeted content.

Do not spam these groups with your company opportunity by placing your company links into them and not adding any value. This just repels people from you and you will never get any decent traffic this way.

If you create valuable content that will help people build their business or give them some hints and tips on how to generate traffic, leads and sales online for example then people will always come back to your blog for more information.

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This way you build trust, rapport and get regular visitors to your blog which will result in people joining your list and then your business.

Every time I create a new video and blog post this is what I do every time to syndicate my content and get instant traffic to my blog post and video which results in 5 to 10 brand new leads a day just from this method alone.

That’s without the paid marketing I do to drive quality targeted traffic, leads and sales to my business every day.

I hope you have found this blog post of value, if you have please like and share or even comment below.

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