How To Make $10,000 Per Month Within 90 Days

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BRAKE_DOWN_enIn this blog post I am going to run through how to make $10,000 per month within 90 days by using the Empower Network system. I jotted this down on a piece of paper some time ago but have just come off a phone call with someone that is looking into joining me and my team.

He asked what it would take to start earning $100,000 in his first year so I decided to turn this into a blog post so here goes…

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How To Make $10,000 Per Month Within 90 Days

First I want to go through the products and their worth and how I have broke it down how you can earn $10,000 per month with this awesome first of its kind system.

We have the basic low cost, front end offer called the basic blogging level for $25 per month. You get access to a viral blogging platform/readymade blog with high converting capture pages. You also get access to the 8 core commitment videos and weekly company calls.

How To Make $10,000 Per Month Within 90 Days Video

We then have the Inner Circle level that costs $100 per month. This is a catalogue of company training and mindset calls with hundreds of hours of training calls from 6 and 7 figure earners that open up their business to you and show you what is working for them and their business.

The Inner Circle are all downloadable audios that can be listened to in your down time, whilst driving to work or at the gym etc…

Next in line we have the Costa Rica Intensive training at a onetime fee of $500. This is over the shoulder training on SEO. It is made up of 11 training video from SEO, what does and doesn’t work, how to get viral sustainability, how to create compelling stories and lots more.

This product alone should be worth thousands.

Next up we have the $15K Per Month Formula which is again a onetime payment of $1000. This again has over the shoulder training videos from all of the top marketers in this industry from paid traffic sources to free marketing methods, even training from top SEO experts that show you how to beat the Google updates and generate tons of traffic, leads and sales into your business.

This product shows you step by step how to start earning $15K per month within the next 90 days. Very powerful!

The last product in our product suite is the Masters Course that is a onetime fee of $3500 and allows you to earn $3000 over and over again. This product takes you through how to become a master marketer and communicator. As you see the products run you through from being a total newbie to becoming a master marketer in a faster period of time.

You have everything you will ever need to succeed with this one platform. You will never have to look anywhere else for this up to date revolutionary marketing training.

Now you understand what the platform consists of, let me run through how you can earn realistically minimum $10,000 per month as quickly as possible.

Now this is simply my break down and of course Empower Network has their own more precise income disclosure that you can find here.

So what we teach is to start generating 20 highly targeted leads per day. The system converts so out of them 20 leads you get 1 sign up into the $25 blogging platform. You have to understand I am being reserved here, you could get more depending on your marketing efforts and your email follow up series.

This break down is if you owned all the products.

20 leads per day = 1 sign every day over 30 days will equal 24 new sign ups because of how the compensation plan works you will pass up 6 of your people to your upline. I will not go into the compensation plan here but trust me on this, it is very powerful and you get commissions passed up by your team members when they start succeeding.

1 sign up = $25 x 24 = $600 this is monthly residual income

Let’s say out of your new 30 team members 12 are serious and purchase the $100 Inner Circle this is an extra $1200 monthly residual.

This equals $1800 residual monthly income

Now 6 of these 30 people pass up a Costa Rica to you at $500 onetime fee, this gives you another $3000 so now we are at $4800.

If only 3 people out of that 30 new members then purchased the 15K Per Month Formula $1000 product then this would be another $2000 up because of the pass up also.

This now brings your monthly commissions to $6800

Now let’s say only 1 of these people purchased the Masters Course this would bring in a $3000 commission. This brings in $9,800 per month minimum. I told you I was going to be conservative with the numbers.

You could possibly get more than this and this is without your other team members input into the business. Imagine having a duplicable system in place where your team is succeeding also and the pass ups you get from your team are adding to your monthly residual.

Empower Network is a very powerful system when put in the right hands. Now I don’t know how serious you are about succeeding and I don’t know you as a person, so I cannot guarantee your results.

Check out the Empower Network income disclosure here.

I have just shown you how to make $10,000 with only 30 people in your team, imagine doubling your daily lead count or even tripling it. Imagine what your business would look like then.

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Not sure how to generate targeted traffic, leads and sales then the products I mentioned above show you exactly how to do this.

If you commit to yourself, the system and you are serious about building a real business on the internet and you want to start earning $10,000 per month as quickly as possible then join in here.

I am here to serve you, if you have any questions then hit me up on Facebook

Want to learn more about me and get my free training then grab it here

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Victor says:

These numbers are theoretical, in reality distributor will have 1-2% of what is stated )))

Paul Evans says:

Yes Victor you are correct, they are just theoretical. You may not earn anything with this system or you may earn alot. It all comes down to
how much work you put into yourself and your business. The truth is it is a proven system and people have had massive success with it.

Also there are people that have earned little to nothing with it.

The system works unfortunately its people that fail.

Thanks for stopping by, really appreciate it 🙂