How To Make $1625 In Your Sleep (Live Proof)

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In this post I want to run through the exact process people go through that sign up to my business on complete autopilot and how to automate your network marketing business online.

1. Create content online

2. Generate targeted traffic from that content

3. Generate leads from the traffic

4. Create sales from the leads

In fact I just created $1625 from one lead and I show you exactly how in the video below.

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I’ve created hundreds of videos over the 4 years I’ve been building my business online. This basically means I have hundreds of ME working for me 24 hours per day 365 days of the year.

Imagine having a whole army of YOU working for you around the clock automating the whole process and building your business whilst having a life.

You seen for yourself in the video these sales came in whilst I was fast asleep in bed. This is proof that using the internet and automation is how you should be also building your business.

I’m not sharing my results to brag or boast I’m sharing this with you for one reason and that is to show you the power of how we build our business and automate the whole process.

It’s such a powerful concept and I love it.

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Paul Evans

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