How To Make 6 Figures In Your Mlm Company

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How_To_Make_6_Figures_In_Your_Mlm_CompanyYou’ve joined a great Multi level marketing company with great products and compensation plan.

You think by doing what your upline/sponsor is telling you to do is going to create you a 6 figure income fast in that company?

You’re wrong!

Throughout this post I want to run through a true plan on how to make 6 figures in your mlm company.

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Firstly you need to know what level you need to be at in your company to create a 6 figure income the fastest and easiest way.

Most people think joining a new deal at the entry level will build them a 6 figure income and in most cases this just isn’t true.

How To Make 6 Figures In Your Mlm Company


For example most MLM companies have great products but their compensation plans are not really beneficial for newbie’s with no clue.

You may be told to get 5 people to join you and get them 5 people to recruit 5 people and so on and you will start earning weenie commissions from all the effort you are putting into your new business.

Don’t get me wrong I love this industry and the multi level marketing companies but in all honesty these companies have a high turnover of Reps as they are not really sustainable, especially the way the companies ask you to market their products and plans.

They expect you to prospect your friends and family, cold call people, hold three way calls with your upline, and attend hotel meetings and hotel meetings.

The list goes on…

The Secret How To Make 6 Figures In Your Mlm Company


So let’s dive into how to make 6 figures in your mlm company fast and without dealing with rejection.

You have to recruit people to make it massive in this industry, just selling your company products is not going to make you rich.

So what you have to do is work backwards from how many people you have to recruit per year to hit your 6 figure goal.

From that number break it down to how many you need to recruit in a day.

From that number you need to know how many leads you need to talk to or to show your presentation to every single day.

From that number you need to know how much traffic you need to your website/presentation everyday to turn them into leads.

This breaks down how to make 6 figures in your mlm company

Because I build my business purely on the internet it is easier to generate highly targeted traffic leads and sales into my business mostly on auto-pilot.

Because we market and promote out business on the internet we are able to build a worldwide team.

So let’s say we generate 100 new, targeted visitors to our website every single day and 45 of these people enter their email address into our website to watch our company presentation, out of them 45 people let’s say only 1 person signs up and you now have a new Rep on your team.

If it works out you need to recruit 2 people per day to hit your 6 figure yearly income then you need to double the traffic.

I hope this is starting to make sense.

The reason we collect people’s email addresses is simply because we can now market to these people over and over again by placing our presentation in front of the potential prospects not just the one time but many times over the space of a week or so.

I hope you see the power of this method.

So to learn “how to make 6 figures in your mlm company” first you need to plan out how much traffic you will need daily, how many leads from that traffic and how many sales from the leads.

The Method How To Make 6 Figures In Your Mlm Company


There’s no point going into your marketing campaign blind. If you ask most newbie marketers how many people they need to recruit to hit their income goal they would probably shrug their shoulders to say I don’t know?

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So if you want to become a 6 figure earner in your mlm company I highly recommend sitting down and working out your numbers and knowing what direction you are going to go in.

You can’t steer a ship that isn’t sailing and you wouldn’t just start a car journey without looking at a map to plan out the shortest and fastest route to get you there.

So why people think they can just start up an MLM business without any kind of plan is beyond me.

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