How To Market Your Business Through Giving Value

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How To Market Your Business Through Giving ValueI remember when I first bought my business to the internet I would plaster my company replicated website all over the place. I would fill my own Facebook time line with company products and their benefits.

I would explain to people the power of the company compensation plan and how you can get rich sharing with your family and friends.

I was basically preaching the dream and living the nightmare. The sad thing is I still see this all the time on my Facebook news feed from new friends that are trying to build their business the same lame way.

The truth is people couldn’t care less about your potions, pills and lotions. People only care about themselves and what the end result would be. Telling people that your company is debt free and they have made $12 million over the past six months and they are expanding worldwide is not going to make them join you because they simply don’t care.

They haven’t got your passion for your products and company like you have. They have a passion to succeed as quickly as possible. You see it’s not the company they join it’s the outcome and lifestyle the opportunity can give them.

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If someone is going to join they are going to join you for being you. So if you lead your business with value then you have a massive head start in your business.

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How Do You Market Your Business Through Giving Value?


The only way to market your business is by adding value to the market place and by educating people on how to best market their business. This way they see you as an authority and a go to person.

This is how the top leaders in this industry have built up massive followings and a massive custom base where they will never have to work another day in their lives because all they do is lead by example, add value to the market place and build their business on a worldwide scale.

Let’s just say you are marketing and promoting your company and its products and this is all you do and that company goes under. “I have seen this happen so many times in the 7 years I have been in this industry”.

You are left hanging with no company and no products. All that hard work you have out there on the internet is now void and you will have to start all over again whereas if you build your business with value first and bring people into your business after they ask what you do then you have a much greater chance of building a success online.

Market Your Business The Right Way


Now if your company goes under you just swap up your company presentation on the back end of your funnel and all of your hard work is still out there in internet land and you reap the rewards for life.

I have been building my business this way for several years now and all of the content I have out there online is generating me traffic leads and sales automatically. I have learned to build my business the smart way and not the hard way.

Although I have put lots of time into my business I have never held home meetings and cold called people. I have learned to bring my business to the internet and market to a worldwide audience and this is all I know now.

If you want to truly succeed with your business I highly recommend bringing it to the internet and lead by adding value to the market place and building on your brand and your name and not a company’s brand or name.

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I hope you have got value from this post as this is what I am doing giving you value of what works and what doesn’t work.

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