How To Promote A Product Online

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How To Promote A Product OnlineKnowing how to promote a product online can be very difficult for some people, I mean it was for me at the beginning.

This is why you are searching the internet to work out how to promote a product online. Thankfully you have come across my blog post as I am going to explain exactly how to promote a product online.

Having a great product is one thing but knowing how to get your product out into the market place is another. You could have the best product in the world but if you don’t know how to get your product in front of a highly targeted audience then you are going to struggle to push that product.

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The first thing to do is to find your target market. Who would want your product? Who would it benefit most? You will have to sit down and brain storm who your target market is.

Let’s say for example you are promoting a weight loss product, well you need to get your product in front of people that want to lose weight but because this is a very competitive niche you will have to think outside the box.

how to promote a product online steps


  1. Generate highly targeted traffic
  2. Capture leads/peoples email addresses
  3. Generate sales

I will go through the marketing process with you now and teach you how to promote a product online.

There are many ways to drive traffic to your offers, products and services both free and paid. I will go into the free method first.

I have built my business from the ground up and I started with three free methods of marketing which were blogging, YouTube marketing and free Facebook marketing.

You need to create blog posts around keywords to do with your product for instance if you are selling a weight loss product you would go after keywords such as “how to lose weight from your thighs” or how to lose back fat.

Go after long tailed keywords as the weight loss niche is very competitive. If you are in the make money from home niche then there are literally thousands of keyword variations for this niche also. Create videos and upload them to YouTube.

YouTube is the third most trafficked website in the world and let’s face it everyone is turning to YouTube these days. The good thing with YouTube is that it is free to use and very powerful.

How To Promote A Product Online & Porfit


If you decide to promote your product through blogging and YouTube remember that you have to optimise your content with SEO (search engine optimisation). This allows the search engines to know exactly what your video or blog post is about.

You will start generating highly targeted people to your blog and videos and this is where you need to start collecting email addresses.

Collecting email addresses of potential buyers is very important. If you don’t do this then you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

The reason you collect someone’s email address is because if you ever find another great product that suits your niche then you will have a readymade targeted audience at your finger tips to promote other related products to.

Building a highly targeted list of buyers will be the life blood of your business and this can be the difference of you making a few dollars or big money.

This is “how to promote a product online” and if you have some sort of a marketing budget then you could buy targeted traffic such as purchasing solo ads, Google PPC, Facebook PPC, banner advertising, Bing PPC, ad swaps and the list goes on.

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If I were you I would stick to a couple of free methods to build up your residual traffic but also start of with a little paid marketing to speed up the process for you. After all when you start making sales can reinvest back into your business.

If you would be interested in some free training then you can access it here.

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