How To Promote Your Blog With 10 Simple Steps

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how to promote your blogIn today’s blog post I am going to dive into “how to promote your blog” and start getting traffic to your content instantly. Firstly you need to be writing compelling content so once you start getting the traffic they want to come back for more. A good way to know if you are writing interesting blog posts is by people commenting on and sharing your posts on social media.

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Always reply to the comments and interact with your readers, also let people know in your posts that it’s cool to share your post. You will get more shares if you actually tell your reader to share your content. By having social media share buttons on your blog is very important.

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I am going to run through the steps which I will take after every blog post I write to show you how to promote your blog.

Step 1: As soon as I publish my post I go to the post itself and click on every like and share button in the left social share tab. This way I promote it to all of my social bookmark platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Digg. Not only am I promoting the blog post but I am getting my content indexed into the search engines quicker as Google crawls the high page rank platforms very often and they will pick up your content easier and faster.

Step 2: I use Onlywire which is attached to my blog through the Onlywire plugin. Only wire is a great platform to use to syndicate your new blog post. It has 52 of the top social network sites. The main objective for using Onlywire is to get more eyes on your content. It allows you to post to all top 52 social network sites as soon as you hit the publish button on your post. It automates your syndication so instead of going to each of the 52 sites one by one Onlywire posts to all instantly.

Step 3: I also use Hootsuite to further syndicate my content. Again this is automated software which allows you to post to multiple social network sites at the push of a button. What I use Hootsuite for is to post relevant content to Facebook groups. I target certain Facebook groups that are within my niche and I post my blog posts to these groups. I am a member of hundreds of groups and I get my posts in front of over 500,000 people. Very powerful. Check out Hootsuite here.

Step 4: I always make a video to every post I create, I then optimize that video to help get it ranked onto page one of YouTube. I would then add my post link in the description of the video and give the viewer a call to action at the end of the video telling them to click the link below. Video is a great way to get residual traffic to your content as you make the video once and generate free traffic, leads and customers into your business. Check out my YouTube training here


How To Promote Your Blog

Step 5: Other methods on how to promote your blog are by commenting on other people’s blog posts. This will allow you to get more highly targeted traffic to your own content. But be sure to read through the posts you comment on and leave related comments to their content. There is nothing worse than reading a copy and paste comment that looks spammy. Include the keywords in the comments that the post is about this way you have more chance of getting approved by the blog owner. Become a regular visitor to other blogs and leave comment regular. People will soon start to notice your name and start checking you out.

Step 6: How to promote your blog by joining forums to do with your niche, for example I am involved with the internet marketing niche so I am a member of the Warrior forum. This is a great place to answer and ask questions. You are allowed to add your link to the signature so you will start to generate targeted traffic this way. Always add value when being active in the forums. Other marketers know when you are being spammy.

Step 7: SEO your blog post is a great way on how to promote your blog. By getting your content ranked on to the first page of Google is a great way to get highly targeted traffic to your blog posts. However this can be a little tricky these days with all of the new Google algorithm’s being constantly updated. I used to get my blog posts ranked pretty easy back in 2011 but since the changes it is pretty hard but still can be done with a little extra work.

Step 8: Get more traffic to your blog and get people to comment on your content. There are Facebook groups out there with groups of people that will comment on your blog posts. You do this by leaving comments on theirs. This is called monitized blogging. The comments will give you social proof and will make you look a leader. All the group asks of you is to comment on 2 peoples blog posts and tag the 2 people to let them know you have left comments. Those 2 people will then return the commenting on your blog post.

Step 9: Add content to your blog as often as you can. I recommend blogging every day if you can. The more compelling content you consistently place on your blog the more your visitors will come back to your blog. Always make sure your blog is full of original good quality content this way your visitors will enjoy coming back. Always add value with your posts and stick to a game plan. Blog for 90 days straight and see how your business will explode.

Step 10: I have ran through some of the methods I use on how to promote your blog. You always want to be sending people to your blog so you can continually market to them. Collect peoples email addresses and start to build a list. This is a very important part of marketing so you can continue to build relationships with your list through your blog. Using your blog to get people to know, Like and trust you as people join people.

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I hope you got some great value from this blog post on how to promote your blog. If you are not already on my list and getting more value from my free training then you can have access to it here.


I always appreciate you comments and thoughts. If this post about how to promote your blog has helped you in anyway please leave a comment.

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Richard Burn says:

Hi Paul, Hope you’re well and good! Sure like your blog you have some great content, you also explain it well in your video’s as you know there are so many tips and tricks when it comes to internet marketing and you have provided us all with some good value. Will sure be back for more also enjoyed the Les Brown motivational video, enjoy your journey!

Paul Evans says:

Hey Richard,

thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. I appreciate you coming back and following me on my journey.

Santa says:

Hey Paul!

I really like your blog and thanks for this post – I will use this in my marketing:-)

Paul Evans says:

Hey Santa, Love your name 🙂

Please come back anytime. You are always welcome…

Joyce Brehe says:

Thanks for the very useful info, Paul.
As always, your blog is a treasure trove of information and is a pleasure to read.
Also, I hope that you don’t mind…I’ve named you as a very helpful source of information, and posted a link to this entry on my blog.

All the best,

Paul Evans says:

Hey Joyce,

That’s awesome stuff, I’m glad I am able to help you out and add enough value for you to keep coming back. Thanks for sharing my information on your blog also.

Great stuff 🙂

LeslieZ says:

Hey Paul,
Great post and really nice looking blog!

Promoting your blog can be a daunting task until you get into a routine of doing it. Once you stop floundering around, it’s pretty straight forward.

You’ve definitely outlined a great step by step promotion plan in this post.

As a side note, what are you using for your optin box? It looks great.


Paul Evans says:

Hey Leslie,

having a step by step daily routine will help you see the success you desire a lot quicker with the right consistency. This is what will make you different from the 97% of failing marketers in this industry.

Consistency is key. With blogging you will see little results at the beginning but that trickle of traffic will soon roar into a raging river. Keep the consistency up, add value and success will follow.

Paul Evans says:

oh sorry the optin box I made with powerpoint and added it to my aweber form. Very easy to do. Maybe I will make a video blog about how to make one 🙂

Phil Berkun says:

Dammit, Paul, you keep publishing such useful content that I have to keep coming back here and spend my time reading it.
Seriously, way to provide value for your visitors.
-Phil Berkun

Paul Evans says:

Hey Phil,

This is what you have to do to your blog, Add as much value as possible. This way the snow ball effect will start to take shape, that little trickle of traffic will soon turn in to an out of control avalanche of traffic. This is when your efforts will all start to show.

Wish you all the luck in the world with your blogging business. 🙂

Darryl Smith says:

I Paul. Great advice and I like the wee fella waving to tell me to comment.
Great add.
Where is week 2 video? Expecting awesome one!

Paul Evans says:

Hey Darryl,

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate it.

You can drag that wavey guy onto your desk top if you wish and use it yourself.