How To Sell Without Selling And Pitching

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how to sell without sellingIt’s bizarre that I actually just sat down to write this post and I had a call on my mobile phone from a number that I didn’t recognize. You know before you answer it that it is someone trying to sell something.

The phone goes and I answer it “hello” I say

Hi my names Rob from company X and I’m just calling regarding a traffic accident you were involved in a while ago and I was just wandering if you were happy with the outcome of the insurance claim.

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Well for one I didn’t claim on any accident I had because it was my fault and this accident happened over three years ago but straight away your defence goes up as you know you are going to be sold on something or they want you to make a claim so they can take a big fat lump of money out for themselves.

The point is we as humans hate to be sold but we love to buy stuff. Most of us actually buy things and waste money on unnecessary garbage that has no point. I am no different, I can look around my house now and see lots of things that I don’t need and give me no value.

But still we buy and waste money

How To Sell Without Selling And Pitching


If you are involved in a home based business like network marketing and you are leading your business with your company opportunity and you are getting little to no results then I’m not surprised. This niche is full of people that have no clue what they are doing.

This is not their fault they are just being trained the wrong way. After all when I first come to this industry I wasn’t planning on building a business like this I just come to make money online and this was all that was in my mind.

This is why I didn’t succeed because I was trying to sell my products and opportunity and you repel people marketing this way. Don’t chase the money as this is the worst thing you can do, instead build your business by adding more value to the market place than what you get paid for.

By adding value and helping others you will start seeing growth in your business without any extra effort. It will take time to build up trust and relationships but it is all worth it in the end.

This way you build a solid following and trust in your niche, you become the go to person and a leader.

Do you want to be known as the person that spams your company replicated link around social media and get no business or do you want to become a person of influence and be respected for the value you give.

Always lead with value and the traffic that is trickling to your content will soon work its way up to a raging river of followers and buyers. People will want to know what you are doing and they will ask to join you in whatever it is you are doing, you will start recruiting people into your business without ever having to talk to them.

Always lead with value and always be present in your business and this is how you sell without selling.

How To Sell Without Selling With Storytelling


Another powerful way to sell without selling is by telling stories about your life experiences and how you have ended up where you are today, what you have done wrong and what you have done right and how you would change things that you’ve done.

I didn’t realise the power of storytelling when I first started building a business online and I didn’t really understand it, maybe you don’t understand this yet but stories creates desires and this is how the leaders can do a one hour webinar and make hundreds of thousands of dollars at the end of it within moments of ending the training.

Leaders build their business through value, storytelling and being ever present in their business.

What you have to ask yourself is are you here for a quick fix trying to build a business by trying to sell your stuff or do you want to be here for the long haul and build an empire of followers by over delivering and giving value?


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