How To Start Blogging Successfully To Build An Online Empire

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Throughout today’s blog post I am going to go over how to start blogging and why it’s so important to blog. Shortly after I first joined the home based business industry I was told by a mentor that I needed a blog if I wanted to succeed online. I had no idea what a blog was or how to even start a blog.

There was no do this to set up a blog then do that, it was just you need a blog. So I took it upon myself to learn what blogging was all about and how to get a blog set up. I wasn’t even told the importance of blogging or its power. I just had to learn “how to start blogging” and I did.

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But back then not knowing the importance of blogging affected my success in a big way because I didn’t understand the power this strategy has or how I could use blogging to build my business so I didn’t take it serious.

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I just looked at blogging as a chore and something I was doing for the sake of doing but I now know different. I see blogging as the most powerful marketing strategy you can use.

Learning How To Start Blogging The Right Way


Learning how to start blogging the right way is very important because when you add fresh relevant content to your blog you are adding juice and new information to the search engines and this is what the search engines are run from, Fresh, unique content in which people are searching for.

There are certain things you have to do to get your blog posts noticed by the search engines so your content shows up above other peoples. It’s all good and well having great content that you think is a master piece but if people can’t find it your work has gone to waste.

I show you here how to SEO your blog. This shows you how to optimise your blog post to help Google and other search engines determine what your content is about. We are just helping your content stand out to the search engines so they place you above other peoples content to help searchers find your content first.

Things To Know When Learning How To Start Blogging


Blogging is not just about getting your content ranked in the search engines blogging is about giving your readers the answers to their questions. If you create a blog around a certain topic then make sure your readers find your blog relevant so they keep coming back for more. Make your blog stand out so you become the go to person in your niche.

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You want to start building relationships with your readers. Open yourself up to your readers and be transparent with what you blog about. Your readers will learn to know, like and trust you and this is what blogging is all about.

Your blog is your online real estate, your virtual home and you want to make your readers feel comfortable.

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By learning how to start blogging today you will put yourself in place to build a successful online empire as your blog posts will be out there on the World Wide Web forever.

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