How To Start Blogging Your Passion, Hobbies Or Interests

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how to start bloggingSo you want to know how to start blogging then huh?

There are literally millions of blogs on the internet about all kinds of topics from hair and beauty to newts and tadpoles. Pretty weird but it’s true, people actually blog about their passions, hobbies and interests. Heck I earn a full time living from blogging from home.

If you want to start blogging and want to learn how to start blogging correctly then there are a few tips I can give you in this post.

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Tip #1 If you decide that blogging is for you then I would suggest creating a self hosted blog. This will be yours that you own and host on your branded domain. The best place to get the tools to start your online empire is Hostgator as your hosting company.

I have used these for years and they are very good if you ever have technical issues. I would also suggest using Goddady to purchase your domain name. You need to choose your domain carefully as this will brand you, your passion or your products or business.

Not sure what a domain is – this is your website address for instance mine is

Tip #2 use a WordPress blog as these are the most powerful blogs that exist today on the internet. In fact this blogging platform is the most popular of all the blogging platforms out there.

This may not mean anything to you at this point but WordPress has lots to offer with plugins that you will need to help optimise and get the most from your blog, it hosts literally thousands of themes to suit all types of niches

How To Start Blogging The Right Way


Blogging is a great way to get your thoughts, passions, emotions and personality out to the world. You can blog for fun or for business. I know people that have made 7 figures from blogging.

Seems unreal right?

Well it did to me at first but I now personally know people that do it. In fact I am on my own mission to reach these goals in my life.

I have mentors that teach me how to blog and I want to pass my knowledge on to you by giving you this free blogging training.

If you want to become a successful blogger then you have to fully commit to it. Are you going to be blogging for fun or for money?

There are different ways to earn money through your blog but I will leave this for a different post unless you want to leave a comment below and I will share these ways with you.

Tip #3 You can always use free blogging platforms like Blogger, tumblr and Weebly etc… to get started. I know of people that have done very well with these free sites. The thing is you will never own these blogs and you will never have the freedom to post what you like on these sites.

I found this article for you on the ten best free blog sites

If Blogger for instance don’t like the content you are creating on their property they will close you down with no explanation.

There are other down sides to using free sites also so if you go down this route please be careful.

Tip #4 If you want to become a micro celebrity online then you also have to start a few other things up with your blogging business like a YouTube channel dedicated to yourself and your blog. This way you will build a massive empire and you will build a massive fan base of readers and subscribers.

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I would also recommend other social media platforms like a Facebook page, Twitter, Google Plus and Intagram.

With these all set up and in place there will be no stopping you. You will become a celebrity in your niche worldwide.

If you would like my free training on how to set up a blog, host it and add your domain name etc…

Then you can get full free access here.

You just may become the next blogging sensation and online star.

Learn how to start blogging here


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