How To Succeed In Online Business With 3 Simple Tools

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How To Succeed In Online BusinessMillions of people turn to the internet each and every month looking to create income and a new lifestyle for themselves.

They have big dreams and the internet can allow them to live out them dreams, but for many will drop like flies and their dreams crushed by not knowing or understanding how to succeed in online business.

There are 3 main tools you will need before even thinking about creating an income online, without these 3 tools you are doomed from the start.



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Every successful marketer online has and owns their own blog. Whether they’re involved in Network marketing, direct sales, affiliate marketing or some sort of home based business, all top earners owns their own blog.

Lead Capture Page.

Having your own lead capture page is also a must for succeeding online. A lead capture page is a one page website with ad copy on it that gives visitors an option to enter their details such as their name and email address to get further information from you.  The information you give away is usually free and targeted to the visitor.


You need an autoresponder to collect the people’s information. An autoresponder is an email database software which collects and stores the information you collect from your visitors. The autoresponder automates your follow up process as you need to follow up with the emails that you collect. This also allows you to email all of your contacts at a push of a button.

 How To Succeed In Online Business


The blog is to create content relevant to your niche so you can drive traffic online to your blog content. Blogs also allow you to build rapport, relationships and trust with your followers. Inside your blog content you can direct your readers to your lead capture page to see if they want more information from you.

The visitors that want more information will enter their email into your lead capture page and get placed into your autoresponder.

You can collect thousands of peoples email addresses over time and email them new blog posts through your autoresponder that you create with valuable and informative content that will help your list by adding value to them and their own business.

It’s a constant cycle of creating content, collecting email addresses and emailing them new and current information inside your blog content.

Obviously all of this is pointless if you don’t have a product or a service to promote which allows you to create an income.

You’ll need an awesome product to promote and the best way these days to sell products online easily is to use a system which further helps you automate your business.

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How To Succeed In Online Business


The best thing to do is to use the KISS concept (Keep It Silly Simple). Many people tend to over complicate this whole process and it really isn’t complicated at all.

I also overcomplicate everything when I first got online. This is why I struggled for so many years at the beginning. Please don’t be like me and struggle.

Follow and duplicate people that are already succeeding.


Paul Evans




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