How To Target Keywords To Build Your MLM Business

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How to target keywordsIf you have finally realised that the internet is the new and better way to build your MLM business then creating content is something you are going to have to master as the internet is driven by content and learning how to target keywords is a must.

I have been creating content for many years now and at the beginning I was just told to create content, so I did. At the beginning I would really advise you to create content around specific keywords to do with your niche.

For example my niche in the network marketing, home based business niche so I tend to write most of my content around keywords to do with this niche.

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How To Target Keywords Video


I must say I don’t always create content around specific keywords now as I seen to have a steady flow of traffic but it is always good to generate more, after all this is why we market our business on the internet to create targeted traffic.

This is why you should learn how to target keywords because when you do this correctly and optimise your content you will rank your content easier in the search results thus creating traffic.

For example if you were to cut a video and not have a topic to talk about you are going to ramble about anything and everything and probably look a fool in the process whereas if you had a specific topic you wanted to talk about or create content about then it will make more sense to your visitors and potential customers.

I have created this content you are reading now around a certain keyword or set of keywords. The keyword phrase for this post is around “how to target keywords”. I have done a little research in the free tool I show you in this video and found this keyword phrase.

Why have I chose the keyword phrase how to target keywords if I am in the network marketing industry you may be thinking to yourself.

How To Target Keywords So You Attract People To You


I chose this keyword because I am an internet marketer which means I market my business on the internet to a targeted audience. If people are looking to build their business on the internet then they will need to learn about keyword research and how to target keywords.

Keywords are very important to content creators as this determines if you rank in the search engines but there is a lot more to just writing about a certain keyword such as your onpage SEO (search engine optimisation).

You want to know how to target keyword because you have a product or a service that you want to get out to the market place, let’s say you have a product on losing weight for example. This niche is very competitive to go after big keywords like how to lose weight so you would go after other keywords to do with this niche such as “how to get a thinner waist” or “how to lose fat off my thighs”.

I just chose these keywords out of thin air but I think you get the idea. The more long tailed keywords you go after the more you will have lots of relevant content out there on the internet ranking for many different keywords.

Creating content around related keywords will allow you to start showing up as an authority and if you have a blog like this one you are on right now then you are going to look an expert in your niche.

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This is how to target keywords and build your MLM business online.

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