How To Use Solo Ads To Grow Your List And Build Your Downline

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how to use solo adsWhen people first get online their main problem is creating traffic to their offer, business or service that they are promoting. I’ve learned over the years that traffic online is everywhere and there definitely is no shortage to traffic.

Throughout this blog post I’m going to explain what Solo Ads are, where to purchase Solo ads and how much they cost.

I even explain in the video below what to do with the traffic ones you get it. (my gift to you)

Firstly how to use Solo ads and what is a Solo ad.

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A solo ad is where you go to a Solo ad vendor, let’s call him Bob. Bob has an email subscriber list of 100,000 people.

Bob rents out a section of his list to you, let’s say to 500 people, so you pay Bob a certain amount of money to have your offer sent to 500 people on his list.

Instead of sending them 500 people directly to your sales video or offer, you want to build your own list of email subscribers so you first send them to a lead capture page and then to your offer. (I explain more in detail in the video)

How To Use Solo Ads Tutorial Video


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Here are a list of places you can purchase your own Solo ad and start growing your own list and building your own downline or business.

Google Solo ad vendors

Facebook Solo ad testimonials

Facebook Solo Buy Sell

Facebook Solo ads

It doesn’t take long to learn how to use Solo ads, you just have to start taking action and being consistent.

Solo ad vendors charge different fees so shop around for the best price, but remember cheap isn’t always good. There are Solo ad vendors out there that sell premium traffic.

Premium traffic is more expensive but way more responsive and you will make more money with this traffic.

When sending this traffic to your own offer or business I would highly recommend building your own list. I use GetResponse autoresponder to collect my leads and help automate my business. You can take a free trial here and start making your own email list.

How To Use Solo Ads Top Tips


Top Tip: The money is in the list. (build your own list and you will never run out of people to talk to through email and make money)

Now you have more of an idea how to use Solo ads to build your business. What you need to do with that new found targeted traffic is to build rapport, relationships and get them to know, like and trust you as a person.

People join people and not business opportunities (remember this)

This is what many marketers don’t do…

They don’t add value to their list, they just promote product after product and burn out their list just to make a fast buck.

You have to nurture your list and add value, get them to know, like and trust you as a person and don’t just treat them as dollar signs as the email addresses you collect have real people behind them.

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More Tips On How To Use Solo Ads


Here’s another top tip if you are looking at paying for traffic, be sure to work with something that gives you good return of investment.

It really doesn’t make sense paying out hundreds of dollars for traffic to make small commissions with your business.

You need something that allows you to earn high ticket sales from $500 and upwards.

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