Instant Page One Of YouTube (Secret Training)

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Hey warriors, This training was meant to be for my teams eyes only but I am feeling generous today so I decided to let you warriors on this simple YouTube ranking formula.

I have been building my business using YouTube and blogging over the past couple of years and these strategies alone have aloud me to generate 4 figure days and earn tens of thousands of dollars in commissions.

I have spent a small fortune in the past on YouTube training and software. Now I have mastered how to get my videos ranked instantly to page one of YouTube without any backlinks and bots.

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You really need to be using YouTube in your marketing arsenal simply because

1. it’s FREE

2. it’s 3rd most popular website in the wold

3. 2nd biggest search engine in the world

4. People would rather watch video than read content in this day N age

5. it’s FREE, Oh I already said that. lol


YouTube is that popular they have even made a T.V program over here in the UK called RudeTube. The T.V channel takes all of the funniest videos off YouTube and makes a T.V program out of it.

Powerful Huh

If you are a marketer you need YouTube for a marketing strategy.

In this video I show you on screen how I get instantly to page one of YouTube with no camera trickery. lol

Watch The Magic Unveil Before Your Eyes                      

Now I hope you see the power of this FREE YouTube ranking training. See how simple it really is.


Now depending on the competition of the keyword of course will depend on the rank of the video but optimizing your video the way I show you will give you a massive head start.

Heck… even if it doesn’t get to page one of YouTube you will still generate FREE traffic forever from that video because you will always show up down the right hand side of YouTube in the related video searches.


You will also show up at the end of videos like the image below.



Marketers put their videos in their blog posts and all across social media and if that marketers video is related to your video then you will show up at the end of their video, so if they don’t un-tick Show suggested videos when the video finishes you have the chance to show up all over the internet.

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This is how powerful YouTube marketing is.

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You’re welcome 🙂

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If this has helped you I would love your comments Shares ‘N’ Likes. Appreciate you 🙂

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Hi Paul,

It’s my first visit to your site, and with posts like this one, I’ll definitely be back. Great tips mate.

Dave H

Paul Evans says:

Hey Dave,

Thanks for stopping by I’m glad you appreciate my work. I look forward to seeing you back here soon 🙂

You really are a good guy and I really appreciate your work and advice Paul, thank you .. you obviously understand the laws that govern us.. the more we give the more we get. I like your down to earth no BS approach and your honesty and it is a pleasure to know you sir! Thank you and I look forward to visiting the dojo again 🙂

Paul Evans says:

Thanks for your kind words Malcolm. Being transparent and honest is the only way to be in life don’t you think. I am here to serve others and enjoy what I do with a passion 🙂

Keep rockin’ the results and value! Awesome to share a simple strategy anyone can do.

Paul Evans says:

Thanks for your kind words Alecia. This is very easy and very powerful for your business and your lifestyle 🙂

Gerry Morand says:

Hey Paul, thanks for sharing this technique. I followed your instructions while watching with a video I had previously shot. And sure enough, it showed up on the first page of the Youtube search engine within 2 minutes.

I will definitely start implementing this with other videos and companies.

Have you tried this with other video sites like Vimeo? If yes, do you get similar results?

Thanks again for this great info!

Paul Evans says:

Hey Gerry,

It works like a treat doesn’t it?

I haven’t used this technique with any other video platforms but I’m sure it will all work the same. SEO is SEO right. The search engines
use similar algorithms I’m sure. The video will get crawled and the method I teach should stand out to the spiders.

This is just a theory, maybe just try with other video platforms. I use YouTube as it is the 3rd most trafficked website in the world. I may actually start using other top video sites to reach more traffic. Thanks for the idea and heads up abut other sites. I will test these out 🙂

Jon Patrick says:

Amazing. Seriously, Rock Star advice. I just uploaded a video using your tactics above, with the exception of adding some additional text/narrative to the description box as well as contact information for me…
Page 1 within 30 seconds.
Fantastic tips, thanks. curious if you know how much impact having the keyword in “” makes – specifically in the title?

Paul Evans says:

Hey Jon,

I’m glad yuou appreciate this YouTube training, very simple and very effective.

You know this type of strategy is all about testing and tweaking and you would have to test the no comma in the title to find out.
I just simply show what works for me 🙂

peter says:

I have tried a video with about 2600 keywords using this strategy. The video was only some hours on YT page one and afterwards it went to page 2 or 3.
What is the trick to make the videos stay on YT page one?

Paul Evans says:

Hey Peter,

I simply show you how to best optimize your video to help you get to page one. The strength of the competition is a different factor. If you want to rank for a highly competetive keyword then you will have to work on backlinking your video to help it rank.

Using a link pyramid is always a great way to get your video to rank high as this is links from all different sites and platforms. You can go to to get backlinks.

This will give your video a viral effect and Google ‘N’ YouTube will love it.

The great thing about YouTube videos is that you will show up in related search terms at at the end of other peoples video
so this will get you a little extra traffic.

LeslieZ says:

Loved the video and the post Paul. Thanks for sharing it.

Does this work for any keyword or are we looking for a certain number of searches, etc?

Can’t wait to try this.


Paul Evans says:

Hey Leslie,

Becuase I target Mlm companies and other keywords to do with this industry I just make the vidoe around that keyword and go for it.

9 times out of 10 it goes straight to page one of YouTube. If your video does not go to page one it will show up on related videos
and other places.

I don’t go after keywords that have high competition like work from home etc… because you will waste a lot of time and money trying to rank for them.

The keywords I go after are for high converting traffic as these people already know about this industry so there is no selling and telling involved 🙂

Awesome tips Paul thanks mate love the using keywords in the tags

Paul Evans says:

Hey Matthew,

Glad you enjoyed the training. YouTube marketing is very powerful and should be used by every marketer.

Great strategy, Paul. Thanks for sharing. You really are way ahead of the rest of us QSC’rs. Hoping for your continued success.

Paul Evans says:

Thanks Frank,

I have actually been succeeding for some time now using these strategies. Way before QSC.

I only joined that program to see what other successful marketers like Dean are up to. I liked his funnel and how he gets
people into his business.

Keep rocking it Frank 🙂