How To Use A Marketing Funnel To Sell More Online

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Marketing FunnelHave you just heard someone mention a marketing funnel or are you involved in a business of some sort and you’d like to know how a marketing funnel would benefit you?

I will explain in this post what a marketing funnel is, what one does and who needs one so hopefully you will know a little more by the end of this article.

What Is A Marketing Funnel?


A marketing funnel is a sales process which leads people into buying your products or services through a series of events which start with the front door to your business. In the online worlds case this would be your capture page.

You should always be collecting people’s details such as name and or email address so you can market to these people over and over again placing your opportunity and other targeted products in front of them earning commissions as people go through your funnel process.

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Marketing Funnel Video (Must Watch)


What Does A Marketing Funnel Do?


A marketing funnel does several things. It weeds out the serious from the not so serious people. It also siphons people into your higher priced opportunities and products. Most funnels start with a low cost frond end, high value offer usually costing anything between say $7 up to $50.

Most funnels start with a low cost product, let’s say in this case a $25 this is a price everyone can afford. Because they have pulled out their credit card and purchased they are more likely to buy more products from you as they will be in a buying state of mind.

All successful marketing funnels have upsells which should also be of high value to your new customer. This way you are more likely to have not only a happy customer but also a long term customer.

Who Can Use A Marketing Funnel?


If you are involved in network marketing, multi level marketing, direct sales or any kind of home based business then you should be using a marketing funnel of some sort to bring people into your business.

Marketing funnels and sales funnels are also very powerful if you are selling high ticket products or opportunities that cost a small fortune to most people. Let’s say you are recruiting people into your MLM and it costs $500 to get people started.

For most people out there including myself I am not the best sales person in the world so to sell a $500 opportunity to someone can be pretty difficult. Whereas if you use a marketing funnel to build trust, rapport and relationships with then you are more likely to get people to buy into you $500 opportunity.

If you first sell them a low cost, high value front end offer and then show them your primary opportunity then you will no doubt make way more sales and start to earn multiple income streams which will help fund your marketing budget which will allow you to start scaling up your business to earn more commissions.

I use a marketing funnel that was built by 7 figure earners which was built for the sole purpose of helping struggling marketers build their own successful business online.

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The cool thing about this marketing funnel is that it automates your business and does all of the selling and telling for you. It akes people through a high converting sales process which starts with a low cost, high value front end offer that every marketer and business owner in the world needs.

Check out the marketing funnel I use here that can be used for any business.

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