Marketing Process Steps To Your Freedom

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Marketing Process StepsHey Warriors in today’s post we are going to be going through the fundamental marketing process steps to help you realize what is needed to be done for the success of your business. These marketing process steps are the same for any product, service or business in any niche you are promoting online.

If you are not yet promoting your product or service online then you need to get your knowledge up to scratch because bringing your business to the internet is the only way for massive exposure and growth.

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3 Main Marketing Process Steps

There are three main tools you need to build any business in any niche, if you are not yet using these tools then please take my advice and get them as they are so important to your success.

Marketing Process Steps Video

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The first of the marketing process steps you will need a home, a base to add your content and tell the world about your product, service or business, this is where in essence you will be eventually driving all of your traffic in one way or another. This home will be in the form of a blog, just like the one you are on now. If you already have a blog set up then you are way ahead of the rest of the marketers out there that do not yet own a blog.

The second of the “marketing process steps” you will need is some sort of squeeze page or lead capture page. This is where you will start collecting email addresses from people that are interested in what you have to offer, if you do not collect email addresses then you are leaving lots of money on the table. Instead of taking people straight to your product offer you will collect their email address.

If you sent people straight to your offer and they did not purchase then they will go away from your page never to return again where as if you collect their email address before you give them access to what you are offering then you can market to that lead as many times as you like with the same or similar products to what they were looking at in the first place,

The third of the marketing process steps is to own an autorepsonder. This is where the leads get collected and stored so you can market to your new leads in an automated way. The power of an autoresponder allows you to set up a sequence of emails already to go out to your potential customers on a regular basis without you having to be there. You can send out pre written emails daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, it really is up to you.

Marketing Process Steps To Success

Now you know these three marketing process steps then there is only one thing left to do and that is to drive traffic to your blog, your lead capture page and into your autoresponder. This is how you build any business online whether it’s a dog grooming kit you are promoting or something to do with gardening.

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Reg E. says:

Great summary of the steps needed to market online. The autoresponder is by far one of the most important tools in the marketing process.

Paul Evans says:

Thanks Reg, the autoresponder is important to help automate your business and build rapport with your potential customers.

They are all very important tools I have outlined in the post as they all work together and need each other to survive. You need the skills to market in the first place to get leads into your autoresponder. There is a science to marketing and succeeding online. It’s not easy but it’s simple, too many people over complicate the process.