Online Marketing Process – How To Build YOUR Business Online Easier

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Online marketing processIf you want to build your business more successfully then you have to build it online. If you want to automate your business then you have to build it online.

The online marketing process is pretty simple and I lay it out here.

The short and sweet of the online marketing process


Step 1: Drive targeted traffic

Step 2: Collect targeted traffics email address

Step 3: Make money from targeted customers

There, short and sweet. Lol

Ok, so there is a little more to it than this but in a nut shell this is the online marketing process.

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Drive targeted traffic

You market to a targeted audience for instance in the home based business or make money from home niche, you want to market to people that want to work from home. There are literally millions of these people all over the world searching the internet for a solution.

You can blog to your target audience, create YouTube videos, Facebook market free and paid PPC, YouTube PPC, Bing PPC, Google PPC, Social media marketing, Solo advertising, banner advertising and the list goes on…

Finding the traffic is easy and you shouldn’t over complicate this part.

You send targeted traffic to a lead capture page that entices the person to enter their email address to get free information from you. This is called a hook as its where you hook the person to want to know more.

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Collect email addresses

Collecting email addresses is your business if you are building your business on the internet. This allows you to automate your business and recruit people without ever picking up the telephone, doing 3 way calls, home meetings, hotel meetings and all that crazy stuff you may be told to do.

When online you need a lead capture page to capture peoples email. A capture page is a one page website where you give away a free video, DVD, ebook or training bootcamp in exchange for an email address.

You hook the person on the capture page by the copy/writing you have on the page to get them to want more. The better your header and sub header on tat page the better your page will convert into leads/email addresses.

If you haven’t heard by now the money is in the list. This is so true.

Making money with your new email subscriber

This is where you are really marketing, to your list. This is where the money is made because once a targeted person is on your list, and targeted I mean someone that wants to make money from home by buying into your business or program.

Now you are able to get yourself and your products or services in front of these people over and over again.

The industry statistic shows that about 1% of people purchase what you are offering at the first exposure and it actually takes up to 7 exposures for most people to join you in your business. So by collecting email addresses you are able to market to your new subscribers over and over again.

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Once you collect a person’s email address you are able to build rapport, get them to know, like and trust you enough for them to hand over their hard earned and join you in your business.

This is a basic understanding of the online marketing process. I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog post and got dome great value from it.

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