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pampered chef reviewWelcome to this Pampered Chef review. I want something to hit home for you as you read this article.

I want to start with a question…

Do you want to be selling pampered chef products to earn a living or do you want to be recruiting team members and building an organisation to earn a fortune.

Doing home parties and selling the products may pay a few bills but building a team and growing your organisation is where the real money is. This is the real business of network marketing.

By concentrating on growing a team and building your empire is where you will live a life of fulfilment and freedom.

If you just want to make a few extra dollars from home then this pampered chef review is not for you.

If you want to learn how to build recruit team members from all around the world then read on.

First I want to get into the Pampered Chef review then at the end of this article I want to show you how you can easily build a worldwide empire.

Pampered Chef Review Video


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Pampered Chef Review


Pampered Chef was started by Doris Christopher in 1980. The company’s founder and chairman was previously an educator, and home economist. She saw the need for professional-quality kitchen tools in the average kitchen. Through the use of in-home cooking demonstrations, Doris began promoting Pampered Chef. She capitalized on her knowledge of food preparation techniques and assembled an inventory of what she believed to be the most essential kitchen necessities.

Pampered Chef products include kitchenware, stoneware, bake ware, outdoor items, utensils, and state of the art knives. Pampered Chef also boasts bamboo utensils, cheese boards, baking pans of various shapes and sizes, sharpeners, skewers and tongs, measuring cups, grill tools, and other barbecue accessories. Their kitchenware category includes funnels, paring knives, tools, peelers, spoons, egg separators, cutters, garlic presses, and more.

The Pampered Chef also sells cook books filled with color photos, ingredient lists and in-depth descriptions of the materials, quantities and cooking methods necessary to complete any of their recipes. The company not only prints cookbooks but also produces literature that specializes on specific meals, courses, desserts, and ethnic-specific recipes.

Pampered Chef Consultants share products and recipes with customers through Cooking Shows, Catalog Shows, Fundraiser Shows, and online.

Pampered Chef Consultants earn between 20% and 25% on their personal sales, depending on their monthly commissionable sales total. Consultants who build a team can earn up to 31% commission.

Pampered Chef Company OverviewPampered Chef
One Pampered Chef Lane
Addison IL 60101-3079
Phone: 888-687-2433 FREE
Fax: 630-261-8587Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Doris K. Christopher, Founder and Chairman
Marla Gottschalk, CEO


The above “pampered chef review” was taken from Npros website. You can check it out here.


Which of these options sounds more attractive to you?

  1. Running around prospecting your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues and strangers.
  2. Sitting in the comfort of your own home, building a team and recruiting targeted prospects from all around the world by utilizing the internet to reach your target audience.

If you answered to number two then I would like to show you this video where I run through how I build my business from the comfort of my own home.

You are now in the position to build your Pampered Chef business from all over the world and not just in your local area.

To get more information on how to build your business and market to highly targeted prospects then watch this video.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my Pampered Chef review.

Paul Evans

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