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SEO in WordPressSo you now realize how powerful blogging is but you have no idea where to start to optimize your content and help the search engines rank your wordpress blog for traffic.

First of all I would like to say wordpress is the most powerful platform on the internet to market your business to drive organic traffic.

Learning how to SEO in wordpress will be the life line to the success of your business. Whether you are selling digital products, physical products or services bringing your business online is the smartest move you can ever make.

I learned how to SEO in wordpress a good few years ago now and I have built up a great following and business by doing so.

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So let’s dive into search engine optimization in wordpress.

SEO In WordPress Video


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Before you create any type of content for your wordpress blog you need to choose a topic to write about and this topic will be around a certain keyword or set of keywords that people in your niche are searching for.

For example the keyword I am creating content about in this post is “SEO in wordpress”. I actually went to the Google keyword planner to do a little research to see what people are searching for to do with this topic, after a few moments I found this keyword.

You then need to create your content and strategically place your chosen keywords throughout your blog post. If you are creating a blog post of 500 words for instance then you would place your keywords every 100 words, so it will be throughout your post 5 times.

Enter the main keyword at the beginning of your title, this will also show in your URL which also helps for SEO purposes.

Place an image and ALT tag it as search engines cannot read images so we have to tell them what the image is. (as shown in video)

SEO in WordPress Steps


  1. Keyword in title
  2. Bold, italicize and underline your main keywords
  3. ALT tag your image
  4. Keyword in H1, H2 and H3 sub headline
  5. Link to internal page/another blog post
  6. Link to and from relevant YouTube video

I have set a few simple steps as guides to help you SEO in wordpress to help you rank easier for your chosen keyword.

I always like to create a YouTube video for my blog posts, this way I have 2 lots of content out there optimized around the same keyword to create more targeted traffic.

By placing a link to my blog post into the YouTube video description creates a backlink from a high authority website. Also by placing a YouTube video into my blog post helps you rank into Google search as YouTube is owned by Google.

Not only this but as people watch your value added video this also keeps people on your blog longer and the longer people stay on your blog the more Google sees you as having great content that is relevant to your visitors.

There are lots of ways to better optimize your blog posts but here are the best main ways that will get you off to the best start.

SEO In WordPress Tip


When first creating content for your new blog I highly recommend targeting low competition keywords that people search for in your niche, this way you will rank easier in the search engines and start to increase your visitors more and more over time.

There’s no point going after high competition keywords that you will never rank for, as you will never get any traffic this way.

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I really hope this post has helped you to understand more on how to SEO in WordPress. If you would like to learn more about how I build a full time business from home online with blogging and also get more in depth marketing training click here.

I dedicate myself to helping others and wish you all the best.

Paul Evans





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