Stepping Into Your Power & Become A Better Version Of Yourself

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stepping into your powerHey Warriors, in today’s post I want to dive into “stepping into your power” and finding out what you are here for. Why you do what you do and how to make the most out of your life. You may or may not know this but I turned to this industry back in 2008.

This is when I first turned to the internet to learn how to become financially free. Little did I know but there are hidden secrets that people do not tell you involved in this industry and today I am going to dive into these secrets a little in this post.

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When I first come online to search for riches I found rags.

What do I mean by this?

Well like many people when they turn to the internet I got sucked into all of the hyped up products and push button software’s that supposedly get you rich quick. I lost more than I earned.

There is no such thing as get rich quick although there is such thing as work your ass off and get rich quicker than what you would going to a job 40+ years of your life.

Stepping Into Your Power For Success

Let’s get back into stepping into your power before I go off on a tangent any more. I come across a mutli level marketing company not long after my wealth searching days started and I signed up to this opportunity. I have been involved in this niche ever since although I have since stepped into my power and learned the secret.

The secret they don’t tell you when you join this industry is you need to start stepping into your power. What I mean by this is consistently getting yourself inspired, growing your knowledge base and learning new skills. Not technical skills but life skills.

Work on making a better version of yourself, grow from the inside and your success will grow on the outside. Fill your mind and your life with only positive vibrations. Feed your mind with information that will expand your mind and allow you to become a better version of yourself. Listen to self development audios and videos.

Listen to the leaders in this field. Listen to the top inspirational speakers in the world like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Bob Proctor and many, many more.

Stepping Into Your Power With Consistency

Read personal development books every day for 30 minute plus per. Read about becoming a speaker and start stepping into your power. Read books that are only going to make you successful. Fill your whole life with success. Surround yourself with only successful people. Get them negative neh Sayers out of your life.

By stepping into your power you will become a more powerful communicator. Read, listen and associate. These are the secrets I never knew about when I joined this industry. It isn’t until you are far enough down the rabbit hole that you are exposed to this information.

Well I’m exposing it to you now because I want you to succeed. I know this information isn’t for everyone. You may not be at the right place in your life yet to accept these truths but I speak the truth.

Whenever you hear of a success event coming up or if your company holds events then I highly recommend you get to that event. I just come back from a Les Brown Event at this event they had many speakers, they also had Chris Gardener speak up on stage, this guy is awesome. Chris Gardner is the guy Will Smith played in the movie “The Pursuit Of Happyness” this was a true story about Chris and his struggles through life with his son.

A truly inspirational person that you should be listening to, as he is now a very wealthy man. Not just financially wealthy man but wealthy in life.

I heard about this event the day before I attended, I seen who was speaking and I knew I had to be there at any cost.

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You start stepping into your power when you do anything to get yourself in front of the right people.

Change your life starting today and move forward by stepping into your power.

You are special, you have greatness within you.

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LeslieZ says:

Hey Paul,

Thanks for the kick in the butt.

I used to read a lot more then I do now. It seems building my IM business has taken over.

I need to carve out time to get back to being inspired. Some one else I would add to your list is Coach John Wooden. There are a lot of great lessons in his books.

Any ideas on where I should start with getting back into my “me” time?

Thanks Paul

Paul Evans says:

Leaders are readers Leslie, the more positive inspiring information you put into your brain the better communicator and more value you share to the world. This is the power of reading and audio 🙂

Hey Paul I saw your post in Samurai Dojo Josh Page and I came to your blog to check it out. Great post and thanks for sharing. I have been on my journey but my situation is sort of not what I want it to be, but i am trying to get out of it. I am surrounded by much negativity and petty arguments over absolutely noting.

I try to share my self development books with them but they don’t read it , yet still they keep coming to talk to me about negative issues. When I walk away they or I said I don’t want to hear they get really upset and angry with me..

But I am still reading my books and focusing.

Keep up the good work

Paul Evans says:

Hey Yesi,

unfortunitely we can not change the world or the people in it but we can change ourselves from the inside.

If you stay positive in the negative situations you find yourself in then the people around you will feel your positive energy and
realise you are changing yourself and you may pass this energy on to them. I would suggest not to push your books etc… on them just
show them with your own actions. You will become a more happy and inspiring person.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Boon says:

Hi Paul
What you mention is very true. By surrounding yourself with all positive things thou will tend to feel good. It’s like the Law of Attraction.
It’s also not a coincidence that many inspirational speakers are very successful people themselves. At the end of it, it’s your mindset that determines where you will end up.

Great post.

Paul Evans says:

Hey Boon, glad you liked the post.

Working on yourself is the most important aspect of creating a better version of yourself.

Mindset is master in my eyes