Straight Line Persuasion System By Jordan Belfort

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Welcome to my Straight Line Persuasion System and to the beginning of a powerful journey to transform the quality of your life and the results you produce. You’re holding in your hands the keys to the kingdom, if you use them, to create massive wealth and success.

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Module 1: Tenets Of Straight Line Persuasion


Module 2: Art Of Prospecting, 5 Keys To Sales Mastery


Module 3: Art Of Prospecting, 5 Keys To Sales Mastery


Module 4: Being A Visionary, True Secret To Success


Module 5: Inner Game Of Sales, The Forces that Create Lasting Results


Module 6: The Master Formula for Controlling the Sale


Module 7: Art Of Qualifying, Asking The Right Questions


Module 8: The Presentation, The Power of the Three 10’s


Module 9: Power Of Language, Cutting Through to The Close


Module 10: Becoming A Person Of Influence, Create Customers for Life


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