The Elephant That Gave Up – Don’t Be An Elephant!

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Don't_Be_This_ElephantWe are conditioned at a young age to become what we are today. We grow up having the same values as our parents, for instance I was bought up in a working class family my father was a plumber by trade.

Growing up I wanted to be a plumber, I regularly heard the phrase we can’t afford that, money doesn’t grow on trees. I’m sure you’ve heard similar phrases yourself.

In the video below I tell you a story about the circus elephant that is conditioned as a baby elephant to stay where it’s been put with a tiny stake in the ground, even though it can easily tear that stake out of the ground a tear down the whole citrus tent, that elephant has been conditioned at a young age and finally hit a tipping point where it decided to give up and think it can never move from that stake in the ground.

Us a people are conditioned pretty much in the same way as children with the limited belief and lack mentality.

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Don’t YOU Give Up On Yourself


Change you life and don’t follow the crowd here…

We see our parents grow up working hard, paying the bills and struggling to pay for vacations but always getting by. This is the mindset most of us grow into.

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In order to succeed you have to change the way you think. Once you change the way you think your life will start to change.

Let’s say you start to change the way you think now and your life starts to bare off 10 degrees, imagine how much would of changed 1 week from now, 1 month from now or even 1 year from now from that tiny change at the beginning that can create a massive difference in the future.

Paul Evans

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