The Money Is In The List, So They Say…

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the money is in the listHave you ever heard the saying the money is in the list?

I’m sure if you have been involved online for any amount of time you’ve heard this saying being thrown around a bit. I will run through my views on why you should be building a list of subscribers for your business.

I am personally involved in internet marketing but building a list should be at the top of any marketers or business owners list of priority thing to do as the money is in the list. Now why do I keep saying the money is in the list?

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Let me run through why collecting peoples email addresses is so important to your success. Let’s first look at the company Groupon, I’m sure you have heard of this company. Groupon is probably the biggest email marketing company in the world which pulls in Billions of dollars per year and it actually has no products.

The Money Is In The List Video

Groupon promotes other companies products and services in geographic locations around the world. People subscribe to groupon simply to get special offers and low cost products and services in around ones local area. Groupon is a worldwide service which is used by millions, including myself.

I have had a few Groupon offers over the years and I find it a great service. This is what you need to be doing in your business whether you are promoting dog training products or gardening products.

The Money Is In The List

You need to be building an email list of your own so you can continue to add value and market your products and services to your customers for ever. If you are into affiliate marketing or marketing in a certain niche then you can promote other peoples products to your list as long as it is targeted to your particular niche.

Check this example out.

Imagine learning how to drive loads of traffic to your offers and not collecting their email address and you just sending them straight to a video presentation, some people may join or buy your product or service but what happens to the rest.

They have gone forever

Whereas if you collect people’s email addresses before you send them to your presentation then you can continue to promote your products and services to them forever, or until they unsubscribe from your list.

As long as you continually add value to your list because you have to remember this, your list is real people. By adding value and building relationships with your list then your list will start to know, like and trust you.

This is the marketing process and this is why they say the money is in the list because without building a list you will be leaving a lot of money on the table and I take it you are in business to earn money, no matter what niche you are in.

I learned from the beginning that you need to be building a list of potential customers and since this time I have been collecting email addresses in my autoresponder. I actually use Aweber as my autoresponder.

This is software that allows you to collect and store emails and also allows you to mass email your list. If you are serious about building a successful business you need Aweber as an autoresponder. There are others out there but I have never used them. Aweber has always worked great for me.

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I am always sending new marketing training out to my email list. I will show you what is working for me and how I work from home building a list. Subscribe to my email updates here.

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If this blog post has helped you in any way I would love to hear your thoughts below. Also sharing is caring 🙂

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Steve Marx says:

Yes, the list is it!
I’ve seen marketers solely concentrate on sending all their traffic
to their list, and total focus on list building only.

200,000 subscriber lists, and that amazes me.
And that’s a solid, active responsive list.

I enjoyed the post Paul….. Thanks!

Paul Evans says:

Hey Steve, yeh there are master marketers out there that soley focus on paid solo ad marketing by the $$$ load.

I personally know a few that spends tens of thousands per week on solo ads. They have a very good optin, rate open rate and every other rate they have mastered. lol

There is definitely a great skill to paid marketing from having a very compelling optin page that converts at a very high rate to being master copy writers.

Marketing online is an art and when done correctly you can literally write your own check. I know a guy that was brand new in a company I won’t name that made over $700,000 in his first 20 days through his list and solo ads. Mental hey 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I love the interaction here its phenomenal

Steve Marx says:

Hi Paul,

I’ve been marketing for a long while, but never tried solos and it’s been on my mind to try it. Years ago it was a dangerous market and still is, but if you trust your sources, things should work out.

I actually know about the person you speak of that made that 700 grand, and do respect their abilities with solos.

Thanks for the phenomenal interaction 🙂

Paul Evans says:

That Phenomenal lol

The number of times I’ve heard the money is in the list…

And you know what? It’s absolutely true. I always am signed up to auto responders and end up ignoring half my emails so I tell myself that the list could never be profitable. But time and time again, it’s a gold mine! Great post 🙂


Paul Evans says:

Hey Drew,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, really appreciate your thoughts.

The money is definitely in the list as long as you know how to harvest your list. But always remember this. Your list is real people, treat these people how you would like to be treated yourself.

You have to think to yourself…

do you really like to be pitched every time you open an email or do you like to get valuable content that will help you build your business?

Hi Paul,

Money is in the list. With my relative small list I do make some money. One of my next steps is to grow my list to a point that I can earn enough money to pay the bills.

But to make money with a list, you need to add quality subscribers who are interested in what you have to say. I started building my list by buying solo ads, and one of my biggest mistakes was, buying from unknown marketers (read cheap clicks) with poor quality lists.

All I got from these subscribers was unsubscribes, not reading emails, not collecting the free gifts I offered etc. In the end I just deleted the ones that did not read or respond to my emails in the last 3 months.


Paul Evans says:

Hey Frank,

To market your business through paying for solo’s you really need a great follow up. You have to be adding value and building relationships with your list. You are right I have paid for solo’s etc… in the past and had poor response simply because my follow up was poor.

You have to really know your stuff if you want to go into paid marketing. I have produced all of my list through relationships through video’s, blog posts and Facebook etc…


Thank you so much for sharing this information! i really loved it! i will share it to my clients!

Paul Evans says:

Hi Sovanna,

I appreciate you stopping by and enjoying the value I share. I am here to serve the market place so I really appreciate your sharing also. 🙂

Dawn says:

I agree that building a long-term relationship with your list is critical. Taking the time to write your list(s) and just letting them in on a personal story or to tell them that you have content they might enjoy, goes a long way in building trust.

I’m sure you have subscribed to a list yourself, just like me. And you have probably unscribed from many too. If you think about why you did distance yourself from a marketer, you probably know what you don’t want to do to your list.

The kind of lists that are the hardest to unsubscribe from, are those from whom you have bought software. Many times, you have to keep subscribed to receive the updates. Meanwhile, you receive a constant barrage of lousy copy (copied, I’m sure), trying to sell you something else. Solution: Delete the mail without reading unless it has “software update” in the title.

Build a list but do it from your customers perspective and they will stay with you for a very long time.

Paul Evans says:

Hey Dawn,

You are bang on the button there.

I am on lots of top earners/producers lists as I only want to learn from the best.
Unfortunately there are many that do not build relationships or add value.

They are just after your pocket, I believe in paying it forward and serving the struggling marketers out there.

Learning add copy is a whole other level and this is what us entrepreneurs have to take on is the learning curve to better ourselves and our futures.

It is a never ending learning process to be the best versions of ourselves.

Simply learn, apply and teach.