The Money Is In The List – The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

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The_Money_Is_In_The_ListHave you ever heard the saying “the money is in the list”?

Throughout this post I am going to go into the meaning behind this saying and why it’s so important to an online business owner.

When I first got online in late 2008 I would often hear people say the money is in the list but I didn’t really understand what they meant by this.

As a newbie back then I was just too eager to make a sale and would send people directly to a sales page or an offer, not really understanding what I was doing wrong.

As you can imagine I struggled to create any sales doing this strategy as I wasn’t building relationships or rapport with my audience. Heck I didn’t even know how to get myself in front of a targeted audience never mind make money.

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The Money Is In The List Explained


I would always hear the money is in the list, you have to build a list of hungry subscribers.


Build a list?

Hungry subscribers?

How do you do this and why should you do this.

I now know that building a list of targeted people to your offer is the most important aspect to marketing online, no matter what it is you are promoting you have to build a list of targeted potential customers.

By list we mean a database of peoples contact details such as name, email address and/or phone number.

The reason for this is simple really.

Look at what I was doing when I first started online, I would send people directly to sales videos or offers without collecting peoples details first.

The Fortune Is In The Follow Up


When these people didn’t like my offer they would go away and I would never see them ever again.

They would be lost in the internet world forever to somebody else that was building a list with my lost prospects.

What you should do is collect at least an email address and store it in a database such as an autoresponder.

Let’s say for example you are promoting a product on how to jump higher, instead of sending people directly to your offer you could send them to your capture page offering them something for free in exchange for their email address.

A capture page is a one page website with an optin form/box where people can enter their email address before they get exposed to your offer.

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Let’s say in this case you send them a free ebook or download for top 10 tips to jump higher as an example. When you send them the free ebook or download you can then redirect them to a sales video or page for your product.

Some people will purchase your product there and then but many will not. Because you have their email address you can continue emailing your offer to them or similar offers that are related.

Building Relations With Your List


This is where the marketing really happens after you collect the email address. This is why you will often hear people say the money is in the list, because the money is literally in your list of targeted subscribers.

I really hope this blog post has helped you understand more about the money is in the list and has clear up a few things for you.

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