The One Year Plan That Makes Your Dreams Become Your Reality

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the one year planHey Warriors, I’ve been thinking over the past few days about the state of the network marketing industry and how some people find it easy to succeed and others find it hard. I know myself that a lot of this comes down to self belief.

In this post I want to map out the one year plan. When I first got online I hadn’t a clue what I was doing or where I was heading. All I knew was I had to make it work because I was different and by different I mean anti system, anti government and anti authority.

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I knew this from a young age, I didn’t understand why I was different obviously until I got older but now I have found my purpose in life and that is to help others and change people’s lives. I know I wasn’t put on this earth to go to work 40+ hours per week for 40+ years of my life living like a robot work, sleep, TV repeat.

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I didn’t have the one year plan at this point.

This is all it felt like I was doing in my life, going nowhere fast and leading a pretty mundane life. I always thought of following in my father’s footsteps.

He was a hard working man that looked after our whole family financially as I have a brother and a sister and my sister Tracey was born with a hole in her heart and unfortunately she was always in and out of hospital having heart operations and appointments.

This meant my mother was unable to work to care for Tracey so my father was the bread winner but he wasn’t winning. Although we never went without growing up we still struggled but I have a lot of respect for my father and he is a great man.

I got to a time in my life when I thought enough is enough. I can’t do this anymore, go to a job I hate with people I have nothing in common with so I bought a new laptop and started looking online for ways to earn extra money from home.

This is when I accidently come across network marketing. I didn’t even know what it was or anything about the industry. I struggled online for a few years but then come across some great mentors in early 2012.

Stick To The One Year Plan And Be Consistent


This is when I really got to work and started believing in the industry and started to become consistent with my efforts. You see previously to this I thought I would never earn money from what I was doing.

I thought this will never happen for me but then I had the chance to go to a company event over in the United States. This is what opened up a whole new world for me. This is when my mindset changed about everything.

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When I got back from that event I got to work and things started to happen for me. Every day I would take my laptop to work and go to work in my hour dinner break. Whilst my colleagues would go to the canteen read the news paper and talk about what they watched on TV the night before I would sit at my work station in the warehouse with my lap top and write a blog post.

I would be watching leaders in this industry and see what they were doing and how I could do the same. I would be getting home of a night time and learning more and making content about what I was learning and my business was growing, finally.

Within 6 months of doing this I was finally earning enough money in my network marketing business that one dinner time I sat at my work station just getting my laptop out and setting it up to get to work when something hit me like a freight train.

I thought to myself, I don’t want to be here. Now my wife would have a dinner break at her job at the same time and would phone me on her break. I remember saying to her that day “I can’t do this anymore”, she knew how miserable I was at that job.

After a short discussion I put the phone down and decided there and then I’m done with working in this place, I packed up my laptop and walked out of that job and didn’t tell anyone I was leaving.

I remember my adrenaline kicking in and I started to shake as I drove out of that work place. I was wondering if I was doing the right thing or not because it was normality for me, it was security and it was what everyone I knew was doing.

This was in the September of 2012 and I remember in the December of 2012 I made over $4000 in my primary opportunity. This was more than twice what I was earning at a full time job I hated.

Have No Plan B With The One Year Plan


You see if you stick to the one year plan and be consistent with what you are doing then nothing will stop you apart from yourself.

The problem with us human beings we tend to get in our own way all of the time. If you surround yourself with the right people, the right leadership and start to duplicate what the leaders in this industry are doing then it makes it impossible for you to fail.

Stick to the one year plan, work your behind off because the work and effort you put into your business today will pay off for years to come, especially if you start utilizing the internet as when you put content out there to the World Wide Web it is out there forever.

This means you will generate traffic, leads and sales into your business forever with ease. You will get to a point where even if you stopped marketing your business will still run for you as the internet never sleeps.

I know this post was a pretty lengthy one but I have to inspire people to get to work because I am living proof this works as long as you work it and stick to the one year plan.

Just one hour per day every day without fail is enough to build your business and create the life you want. Imagine what that one little hour per day could potentially do for you and your family’s lifestyle.

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Make your dreams become a reality and get to work starting today.

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I will see you in my next post soon.


Paul Evans





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