The Power Of An Accountability Partner

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accountability partnerHey warrior, throughout this post I am going to be running through the power of having an accountability partner. Don’t know what an accountability partner is or what one does then I will explain in this post. When I first got online back in 2009 I was sat behind my laptop not having a clue where to start or what to do. I struggled for many years alone.

It wasn’t until 2012 when I found a mentor that shown me a better and more positive way to see success online that my mind was opened to what an accountability partner was or what one does. I now find it my duty to share with you this powerful business attribute that will help you succeed with support and guidance.

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What is an accountability partner?

This is an old video but still very powerful

 An accountability partner is a person that will help you focus on your business and pushesyou through your struggles he or she will hold you accountable for the daily actions and keep you motivated. Having an accountability partner is very important for your success as you will always have someone to keep you working at your fullest potential and to help you focus on your main goal.

You should find an “accountability partner” that is at the same level as you in your marketing and business knowledge so you can help each other through your journey together. It is good practice to work with someone that is at the same income as you and in the same company. You don’t have to be financially connected but should have the same vision and passion.

It wouldn’t really work out if you are a newbie and you have partnered up with a $10,000 per month earner as you will hold that higher earner back. You have to be at the same level so you can push each other to reach your true potential.

An Accountability Partner Will Help You Focus

You will hold each other accountable for your daily actions you put in place and the goals you want to achieve. This is very powerful and can change your business forever.

When I joined this mentor and the company he founded I became friends very early on with a guy called Stephan Schurig form Germany. We arranged to go to the company’s very first event over in Atlanta in the United States and we shared a hotel room to cut the costs as this was very early on in my business.

Since that first meet I and Stephan have become great friends. We have been too many events over in the States together and have grown close in our journey together. It was actually at one of the events where our mentor told us to get an accountability partner. Me and Stephan have been accountability partners since then and have built a great partnership.

We are not financially connected but we are always here for each other. We Skype often and keep each other posted on what we do and how we are doing in our business. We are actually working more closely together now and will be holding weekly Google Hangouts to help our team and our list out with our knowledge and expertise in the market place.

Your Accountability Partner Will Help You Succeed

I highly recommend you getting yourself an accountability partner and watch your business grow. By taking daily consistent action and sticking to that plan for at least 90 days without fail you will soon start seeing huge results in your business.

Master 2 or maybe 3 marketing strategies at most and stick with them until you start seeing results. Don’t be a jack of all trades and master of none.

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Rich Emmett says:

Hi Paul, that’s a great post and a great suggestion. One of the problems with working for yourself is that it’s too easy to find an excuse not to push yourself every day because there is no-one there to ensure that you do. An accountability partner addresses that issue and in turn that leads to increased productivity and a vastly greater chance of achieving your goals. Thanks for your post! 🙂

Paul Evans says:

Hey Rich,

I appreciate you stopping by and giving your 2 cents 🙂

This industry can be a lonely place if you are not carefull. Having someone to hold yourself accountable to helps you through the tough
times and gives you greater focus on your why and your vision.

It certaiinly helps you in your daily rituals. 🙂