The Power Of Procrastination & How To Kick It’s Butt

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The Power Of ProcrastinationI just come off a weekly Skype call I have with a very good friend of mine and decided to put this post together for you Ronin Warriors about the power of procrastination. We have all procrastinated at some point in our life. Maybe you are at this cross road of procrastination right now.

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The Power Of Procrastination Video Message

There is only one way to stop procrastinating and that is to stop procrastinating. There is nothing productive about procrastinating. This is for lazy, idle people and for people with low self confidence. It is for people that are scared of the outcome, for instance they don’t want to make a video because they are too scared what people think of them.

Well fortunately other people’s opinions don’t pay your bills. You have to do what you have to do. I’m sorry to be a little harsh in this post but if the truth hurts and the hat fits then maybe you should stop procrastinating and start taking massive action.

The power of procrastinating will keep you broke and I take it you are in this industry to better your life in some way. It’s a sad fact that people would rather do the simple tasks in life that get them nowhere than to do the super important things in life that will get them somewhere, they try to put it off until the last minute, they do everything but the important task at hand.

Unleashing The Power Of Procrastinating

If this is you, if you are a procrastinator then please stop self sabotaging and get in the routine of doing what makes you uncomfortable. Succeeding in life is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and doing what others don’t want to do.

You are special and you are unique and in the words of Les Brown you have greatness within you.

I am married to my wife Suzi and we have a 4 year old son Taylor with another son due on 4th November 2014 that we have named Jacob. Do you think if I procrastinated the night I met Suzi back in 2008 I would be with her now married with children living the best life I could imagine and it is only going to get better because I am taking action on my future and my dreams.

If you don’t believe in yourself then that is fine because I believe in you and I have a whole team and community that believe in you. I know you can get through the barrier of self doubt and start taking action. You deserve this, your family deserves this and it is in this industry that you will build a lifestyle of your dreams.

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I hope you have got some great value from this post and I know you will go away and start taking massive action on building a better future for yourself.


I believe in you





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