The Simplest And Fastest Way To Earn 6 Or Even 7 Figures In Your Business

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high_ticketIn today’s post I want to share with you the simplest and fastest way to achieve a 6 and even 7 figure income online.


What I’m about to share here you can apply it to your own business and start to see real results fast.

Do you realise where top internet marketers make the most of their income?

It’s on the back end.

Meaning, after someone has already become a customer and purchased a low cost, front end, value based product they will then get exposed to higher priced products.

This is where the real money is made and fast.

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Let me explain further…

Let’s say you want to make $2000 per month, what would you think was easier to do, sell one product for $2000 or sell 2000 products for $1?

I hope you chose sell a $2000 product because this is way easier with the right process in place. You need less targeted people to your offer which means cheaper ad spend.

You see, getting new customers is the most expensive part of the marketing and sales process so it’s critical to maximize your efforts at every stage of this process.

If you don’t do this you will drain your advertising money fast because you are not maximising the customer retention and you will go out of business by draining your budget.


One of the simplest and fastest ways to maximize profits in your business is to sell ‘high ticket’ products.

High ticket is basically products that cost $1000 upwards.

Let’s break this down further!

You want to start earning $10,000 per month would you rather sell…

1000 products at $10 every month or 10 $1000 products every month again you would need a lot less customers for 10 people to buy a $1000 product.

Imagine selling a $2000 product, you would only need 5 people per month to buy this product.

But there is a particular process in selling high ticket products and it isn’t hey come and buy my great product, it will cost you $2000.

Nope you wouldn’t get many sales this way now would you?

You have to send people through a process and not just any person, it has to be a highly targeted person that is interested in what you are selling.


You find that highly targeted person by selling something for let’s say $20 that is related to the high ticket product.

For instance, if you want to sell a make money online high ticket product you could start by selling an ebook or DVD for $20 on how to make money online on the front end.

You then send that person through a sales process. (funnel)

The process is a journey from their problem to their solution. The great thing about building a business online is that this process can be automated so the person goes through the process at their own speed.

Imagine having even more products in the sales process that will help them get from where they are to where they want to be. (problem to solution)

The funnel process is giving the potential customers nothing but value and they love you for it. They build trust with you through this process because of the free value you are sharing.

Remember we are not selling them the products we are selling them on the process. This makes selling a lot easier and more comfortable for everyone involved. You see people hate to be sold stuff but they love to buy stuff.

Sell them on the process and not products.

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This is how top income earners in this niche are where they are today through sending people through a process.

Let me break it down for you here.

You need highly targeted traffic to a low cost, high converting offer.

You turn that traffic into leads by giving something away of value for free, such as training, an ebook, a DVD or a video course etc…

They come into your funnel and purchase your low cost, high converting offer for let’s say $20. This lead has now gone from being a warm prospect to a hot prospect because they have bought from you.

They now trust you enough that they have spent money with you and become a customer. Now you send them through a value trip and offer them other products they will need to become successful in their business.

They now become repeat customers, this is when you expose them to the high ticket product for $1000, $2000 or even $5000+.

This way you are earning money from the new customers for you to put this back into your advertising budget and scale up to send even more highly targeted traffic to your offer.

This is your personal ATM machine. Imagine putting $1 into your business and getting $2 back everytime.

This is what all the top earners do in their business and you should be no different.

This is the fastest and simplest way to reach 6 or even 7 figure in your business by selling high ticket products.


After all it all takes the same amount of effort to sell a $20 product to what it does to sell a $2000 product so doesn’t it make sense to sell high ticket and not weenie little commissions that most people are getting these days.


Follow what the top income earners do then become one.


Paul Evans



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