Traditional Network Marketing Vs Internet Network Marketing

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Traditional Network Marketing Vs Internet Network MarketingHey warriors, in today’s post I am going to go through the difference between “traditional network marketing Vs internet network marketing” and how you are now in the position to market to a worldwide audience and not just to your family and friends and people in your local area.

I have been involved in network marketing since 2008 and what I found from the very beginning is that traditional network marketing, like prospecting your friends and family can be very time consuming and pretty much a waste of time.

You see most of your friends and family are not really entrepreneurial people, they are not looking for a business opportunity. Even though they are your warm market, people that already know, like and trust you I see them as a pretty cold market because for the most part they are comfortable in their way of living.

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Going to work for a living is the norm for them and they don’t grasp the concept of being able to work smart and not hard. I truly believe network marketing is the best industry in the world as it allows normal everyday people to live extraordinary lives. As long as you put the work in there is nothing that will stop you from seeing success and there is no limit to the income you can produce. Isn’t that awesome?

Traditional Network Marketing Vs Internet Network Marketing Video



Traditional Network Marketing Vs Internet Network Marketing


So, what do traditional network marketers do to build their business?


Prospect their family and friends

Hold home meetings

Go to hotel meetings

Apply the 3 foot rule (speak to everyone about their business that comes within 3 feet of them)

Do 3 way calls

Make a list of everyone they have ever known

Place flyers on car wind screens

Hand out leaflets

Deal with rejection on a daily basis

And other crazy stuff

Does this sound like you?

If this is you and you are having little to no success in your business then I am not surprised because I used to try to build my business this way and had no success, you will eventually run out of people to talk to.

I’m not saying this way doesn’t work because this is how the major network marketing companies built their business from the ground up back in the day.

What I am saying is there is now a better way.

There is this little invention now called the internet and this is how the smart marketers are now building their business. You now have the ability to reach a worldwide audience from the comfort of your own home.

You can now market your products and services on a mass scale by leveraging the internet and placing yourself in front of highly targeted prospects, people that are looking for a better way and are ready to join you in what you have to offer.

By bringing your network marketing business to the internet your business will never sleep, we put automation in place and systematize our business so it runs 24-7 365 days of the year.

Traditional Network Marketing Vs Internet Network Marketing


For example you may be involved in network marketing and struggling with your business, this has now bought you to the internet reading this post. You see I have strategically placed myself in front of you and you have found me, I haven’t gone out there hunting you down.

It’s a sad fact that 97% of network marketers are failing in their business because they are not being taught a better way to market. They are being taught the old school traditional methods like I mentioned above.

If you are one of these 97% then become one of the top 3% by learning new skills that will propel your business on a worldwide scale.

I have been building my business successfully online now since 2012 and it is constantly growing every week.

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I now leverage the internet to my advantage and place myself in front of highly targeted prospects and my business grows even when I sleep at night.

Learn how I build my business here and duplicate what I do

Let me teach you what they top earners in this industry are doing to build massive teams from all around the globe and how they earn money from people that do not even join them in their primary opportunity.


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Have a top recruiting week


Paul Evans





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