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what are LSI keywordsSo what are LSI keywords and why are they so important to your SEO?

In this post I am going to run through the meaning of LSI keywords and what they do for your search engine optimisation. If you are a blogger or a content marketer knowing how LSI keywords works can help your content rank easier in the search results.

LSI means – Latent Semantic Keywords and in our terms as content marketers they are keywords related to your root or main keyword.

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Called Latent Semantic Indexing because of its ability to correlate semantically related terms that are latent in a collection of text, it was first applied to text at Bellcore in the late 1980s. The method, also called latent semantic analysis (LSA), uncovers the underlying latent semantic structure in the usage of words in a body of text and how it can be used to extract the meaning of the text in response to user queries, commonly referred to as concept searches. Queries, or concept searches, against a set of documents that have undergone LSI will return results that are conceptually similar in meaning to the search criteria even if the results don’t share a specific word or words with the search criteria.

This text was taken from what are LSI keywords – Wikipedia.

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For example if I were to write content or a blog and my main keyword I want to rank for is Network Marketing then I would add related keywords to this main keyword. This way Google and other search engines favour your content as they see you are not just spamming your own content with main keywords.

Google updates its algorithm all of the time and it is now known that using LSI keywords help you rank easier and also for long tail and related keywords.

What Are LSI Keywords And How Do You Find Them

What are LSI keywords and how do you find them?

Going to the Google keyword planner would be a great place to start your keyword research. If you look at the image below I have done a keyword search for Network Marketing and the top 5 results related to network marketing have shown up.

LSI Keyword

These are you LSI keywords.

When you are writing your posts you will probably enter an LSI keyword or two into your post without even knowing it as it is hard to write about a subject and not relate other words to your main keyword.

If you are a content marketer or you like writing blog posts like I do then you really need to be optimising it for the search engines. There are quite a lot of factors when it comes to writing posts and ranking them in the search engines and LSI keywords words are just one of them.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post about what are LSI keywords?

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