What Is Banner Advertising & How To Market With Banner Ads

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what is banner advertisingWhat is banner advertising?

Banner advertising is where other popular, well trafficked and relevant websites allow you to place banner advertisements on their websites for a fee. The fees range from different costs depending on the traffic that certain blog or website gets.

The more the impressions that site gets usually the more it will cost to place a banner ad on that site. (impressions are visitors to a site)

The impressions are what determines how much a site can charge for example if you want to place a banner advertisement on a site that gets over 1 millions impressions every month then this will cost you a lot more than a site that gets let’s say 300,000 impressions.

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What Is Banner Advertising & How To Market With Banner Ads


Basically the more visitors a site gets the more chance of your banner being clicked bringing targeted traffic back to your offers or services and the more chance of you making sales and earning commissions.

Banner advertising is a great way to start off driving targeted traffic for very little start up costs. There are sites out there that will charge you as little as $30 per month to have your banner on their site for the whole month.

This is a great way to scale up your business and start driving masses of traffic to your offers and services.

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If you want to start building your business through banner advertising then there is a great site you can start with called www.BuySellAds.com . Other website and blog owners (publishers) put their sites into this website and allow you to place banner ads on their websites.

BuySellAds have many categories to choose from so no matter what it is you are promoting there will be website publishers on there that will allow you to place your banner ads on their site.

Another great way to find websites or blogs to market on with your banner advertising is to do a Google search for a keyword to do with your niche for example my niche is the home based business so I would search for a term in Google like how to make money from home.

Look at the results on the first page as this will be getting a lot of impressions every month and contact the website/blog owner and ask if you can place a banner advertisement on their site and how much it will cost.

Lots of sites usually have a tab at the top of their site or a link at the bottom of their site saying advertise, if not then just contact them through their contact page and ask them if they would be willing to place your banner on their site and for how much.

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TIP – To check that a site is getting lots of visitors/impressions check their website in www.Alexa.com and this will tell you how many monthly impressions/visitors the site gets. Always check this before placing your banner ad on that site.

There are lots of places to get a personalized banner made up and the cheapest way out there has got to be www.Fiverr.com but make sure you always click on high rating like I show you in the video above.

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This way you will get the Gig that has the best feedback and the best reviews. It should take a day or so to get your banner made to the size that you want like the flash banner below.






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