What Is Your Freedom Worth To You? How Far Will You Go To Succeed?

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What_Is_Your_Freedom_Worth_To_YouI was listening to an audio at the gym this morning and the guy speaking mentioned when he worked a regular 9 – 5 job he felt like a caged animal and this got me thinking about my life when I worked a regular job.

I actually worked inside a cage and I didn’t realise this until this audio this morning. I worked as a fork lift driver and stores person at a hydraulic company here in the UK.

Because of health and safety regulations here in the UK the stores area where I actually worked was all caged off, so I was literally a caged animal all day long.

Oh, I was let out of the cage for one hour per day to get fed and watered. Lol

I had a one hour dinner break everyday but instead of going outside the building to eat with the others, I sat there inside that cage with my laptop working on my new business.

I would create a blog post every dinner time whilst my work colleagues would sit out in their cars reading the paper.

I would be quietly building my empire. I didn’t realise at this time how my business would turn out, I suppose I was just going through the motions as this was what I was being told to do by my up line.

Blog daily, tell others and get paid.

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What Is Your Freedom Worth To You Video Message



Around about the time I was quietly building my business we had a new supervisor start and me and him didn’t really see eye to eye when it came to him asking me to do something.

I hate being told what to do, you could say I have a little problem with people that think they have authority over me. Ha

If it wasn’t for this fool with no people skills I probably wouldn’t have walked out of that job when I did.

Because I was earning a pretty stable income by now on my internet business and actually starting having four figure days, this is what gave me the balls to walk out of that job one dinner time and have never looked back since.

Taking Time Away From Your Business To Build Your Business


I have now been earning a living from the internet for the past two years or so and in this time my income has gone up and down but because of all the work I have put in over the years my business still generates me traffic, leads and sales.

I actually just took the last six or seven weeks away from my business as my son has had the summer break from school.

This gave me the opportunity to step back from my business and regroup my thoughts and get a fresh head on where I am going in my business and in life.

It’s probably the best thing I could have done for myself as I feel so much better and clearer about everything now.

The thing with working a home based business on the internet, it can get pretty lonely sitting here in the office but you know what, I chose this lifestyle and I love it.

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The fact that I took many weeks off and my business still ran without me is pretty damn awesome don’t you think?

I Am Back In The Grind – Freedom For Life


Well I just felt I wanted to create this post to let you and the universe know I am back in the grind and will be staying consistent from here on out.

Whilst I had my seven week break away from marketing I actually created a new video series where I teach how I was able to walk away from my business and it still grew.

You can check it out here if you like and get regular training and tips off me.

I also created a new capture page, I’m not sure what you think of it but I thought it looks pretty cool.

Let me know what you think and if I could improve it in anyway – http://JetSetMarketer.com


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