What The Company I Work With Has Done For Others Around The World

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jon_BMWToday I want to get into what the system I am involved with has done for others in my team and in the company itself. First I want to start off with one of my team members, a young 23 year old guy from Queens, New York called Jonathan Belcher.

Jon came across me and the system I work with back in April 2012. I had made a content review on a company he was involved in at the time as he was struggling to get his business off the ground, now Jon didn’t know me and I didn’t know Jon but what happened that day changed his life forever.

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I remember Jon hitting me up on Facebook after he joined me because he didn’t procrastinate, he didn’t hold back, he seen the power of the system and its low start up cost and didn’t have a second thought and joined at first view.

As soon as he seen our company sales video he jumped right on board, even before he even knew who he was signing up with. Jon signs up and connects with me instantly on Facebook, he starts picking my brain and taking action, he never signed anyone up into anything previously until he comes across this system.

Jon was struggling to survive on his $8.50 per hour security job. He tells me he would get paid monthly and after a week or so he would be broke again. We all know this feeling right?

Jon gets to know and understand the marketing system and starts applying what he is being taught. Within 6 months or so Jon walks away from his security job and never looks back. He is bringing new people into his business on a regular basis and starts hitting the leader boards with myself.

We both attend a company event in Austin, Texas in January 2013 and we both come in the top 200 affiliates and get to go into a meet and greet with the founders of the system Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe.

jon_belch_carJon has since become a 6 figure earner in his business and bought himself a new BMW to celebrate his success. He is now attending events and building his business consistently and working closely with his team. He has stepped into his own power and is becoming a great leader and is building a loyal team of followers and creating new leaders in this industry with his team.

I and Jon work closely together and have built a great team of leaders and we all contribute to each other’s success. We have learned this through the Empower Network system.

Empower Network launched in the end of October 2011 and since this time it has resulted in 13 million dollar earners to the time of writing this blog post and has generated dozens and dozens of 6 figure earners.

Lawrence_MillionOne of my mentors and upline Lawrence Tam was the first million dollar earner within Empower Network and earned the company $1million ring. Lawrence was a mechanical engineer that worked in a cubical and worked his business part time from his cubical and from home.

Lawrence says he was stuck in his business earning $10,000 per month. His belief wouldn’t allow him to earn over $10,000 per month until Empower Network was launched and he is now earning over $100,000+ per month with Empower Network.



Don’t let your thought limitations stop you from achieving massive results in your business. The truth is this proven system works, unfortunately its people that fail.


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